Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Birds of a Feather...

For the past year I've been meaning to go to The Grey Plume to try their bar/happy hour menu. So last week, to mark the beginning of fall, we treated ourselves to a nice night out. I was surprised how cozy the space was. I suppose because I know the restaurant as being one of the finest in town that it would have this pretentious and non-accessible feel to it, but that wasn't our experience at all. In fact I would probably describe it as laid back. Does it make me feel at home like La Buvette does? No, but hey, I'm pretty impartial to my second home downtown. 

We ordered two glasses of wine (at $5 a glass this is a steal!) and a charcuterie board so we could get a basic idea of what The Grey Plume was all about. Before the meats and cheeses could be had, a first course was presented, a lemon goat cheese number that came on two little spoons. 

The charcuterie board came out with a tender pork spread, andouille sausage, and red wine salami. The lemon goat cheese also made an appearance and house made mustard which was amazing. One thing I was a little disappointed with was the bread. Only four slim pieces came out which I would consider a small portion considering the amount of cheese and meat on the board. Also, and this is just a me thing because I'm not a huge meat person, I would have liked at least one more cheese option. But hey, I get it, most people in Nebraska want to see more meat and less everything else.

The meats all had amazing flavors and were prepared well. I really want to go back and try a few more bar/happy hour items. I hear their chicken wings are amazing, but unfortunately they were out the day we went.

So next time you have some time in the early evening, head down to The Grey Plume in Midtown Crossing for the bar/happy hour menu that lasts daily from 5-7 pm. You definitely won't be disappointed. 

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