Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meatless Monday Invades Benson, NE

In case you forgot, this week is Omaha Restaurant Week. For our inaugural meal, we chose Benson's newest eatery - Benson Brewery. I was particularly interested in checking out what they had to offer since they started hosting Meatless Mondays featuring the delicious taste bud musing of Isa Moskowitz.  

We're so lucky to have Isa in our community here in Omaha. Her fresh take on vegan cooking is something to be embraced. On Mondays, for just $25 you can partake in three delicious vegan courses unlike anything I bet you've had before. 

We arrived at Benson Brewery just before their evening rush, right around 7 pm. Maybe it's because it was Omaha Restaurant Week, maybe it's because it was Meatless Monday, maybe Benson is just that hoppin', but the only issue we had this evening was with the timing with our meal. Our service was really great. The waitress was extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the entire menu, especially the beer selection. The house-brewed chai beer caught Kerry's eye and I ordered a hard cider. It wasn't long after the drinks arrived that the appetizer did too. The beer battered kale was super breaded but was well complimented by the tartar sauce that came on the side.

^^Beer Battered Kale^^

The next course in the meatless mania was a pot pie with a potato biscuit, carrots, chickpeas and "chicken". It was accompanied by a sweet apple salad that was very crisp and fresh. 
^^"Chicken" Pot Pie and apple salad^^
After I finished my entree and about 10 more minutes passed by, Kerry's pulled pork sandwich came out. Yeah, like I said our meal's timing was a little off. Kerry really loved her sandwich, but wished there was a little more sauce to it. Also the fries were undercooked, again probably a testament to the somewhat "off" service.

The dessert was certainly the highlight of the meal. It was warm and spicy, perfect for the cool fall-like weather outside. I could eat this little slice of heaven every single day.

Overall, we enjoyed our food, but would be interested to see on a regular weeknight when no events are going on. The location is fairly new, so there's definitely time to grow and perfect their service times. Here's hoping they do work out these few kinks, they're certainly a welcome addition to Benson's bar scene. 

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