Thursday, September 12, 2013

On Billie Holiday and Egg Salad Sandwiches

Out of everything in this entire world, there may be nothing I take more pleasure in than eating a really great sandwich. Underrated in our time of gastropubs and craft cocktails, where bartenders are now "mixologists", what happened to the classic sandwich? While I love to be surprised by the freshness and quirkiness of some of Omaha's newest sandwich establishments, sometimes I just want a really great, classic BLT. Or an Egg Salad Sandwich. I've come to find over the years that egg salad is a polarizing food. You either love it, or hate it, and if you hate it than likely you have a "thing" about mustard or mayo. Me? I love everything about egg salad. I could probably eat myself out of a vat of egg salad if need be. And I'm not being facetious.  It would be like that scene in Never Been Kissed when Drew Barrymore tells her well-casted brother David Arquette that he can't become popular in one day, and then it cuts to everyone cheering his name as he furiously finishes a massive bucket of coleslaw. That could definitely be me some day. 

This past weekend we went to the newly repurposed Beyond Ireland - the BI Luncheonette. With Cooper working just across the street at Pageturner's, I knew it wouldn't be long until we stopped by for a quick lunch. We stepped into the cozy dining area sandwiched (pun!) between two consignment rooms and stared at the large three paneled chalkboard menu. 

It wasn't until I looked at the special for the day that I realized all of the sandwiches were named after old movie stars. I really enjoyed that touch. For our first visit we decided we'd keep it casual with a chicken salad sandwich on white bread and an egg salad sandwich on 9-grain bread. 

I was especially drawn to the egg salad sandwich since it was named after Billie Holiday herself, or himself as Cher Horowitz would say. Now, whenever I think of Billie Holiday I think of this David Sedaris story and the way he so cutely imitates her classic sound. Listening to the song, "All of Me" makes me wish I had one of her albums on vinyl so I could slink around the house in a silk robe with my cold cream on and a martini in one hand and a cigarette in another. Pretending to be in a time where this behavior would have been considered "normal". 

Both of us really enjoyed our sandwiches. Cooper pointed out you could tell his chicken salad sandwich was fresh because it was still warm, and not cool from being refrigerated. I really liked my sandwich, however I like it when egg salad is a little chunkier with thicker cuts of hard boiled egg. We liked the pickles and the fact that you got your choice of chips with your meal too. Cooper indulged in a Mexican coke which is always made better by the real sugar. 

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit. Even better, on Saturday's they are open late-night (until 2 or 2:30) in case you're up in Dundee and need some quick sustenance. Just call, order, and pick it up before you head home! I mean come on, it's a hell of a lot better than ordering Night Flight Pizza to your house and then passing out before the damn delivery guy arrives, but I'm not speaking from direct experience here. 

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