Monday, September 16, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Oh geez guys, Monday is here again. I'm slightly looking forward to starting the work week and getting back into my "normal" routine after all of this wedding madness. Tonight, Kerry and I are going to begin our participation in Omaha Restaurant Week. We love this time of year since we love to eat and see what some of our favorite dining spots will put on their special menus. Treat yourself this week by visiting one of the participating restaurants!
  • The movie Clue is definitely in my top 5 desert island movies. I find that movie so hilarious, but it's more of a cult hit now. Here's a detailed look at how the movie got made and what it almost was. Can you imagine Carrie Fisher as Ms. Scarlett?!
  • We love a good transformation (have we mentioned our obsession with RuPaul's Drag Race?). Movie makeup is one art where famous actors and actresses can be changed to physically look like the actual people they are portraying. Here's a quick look at some of the best transformations. 
  • Can I just have all of these outfits please? I haven't been more excited about the upcoming fall season until now. I love this tomboy/pretty style!
  • In case you missed the majority of Fashion Week, Pinterest has got you covered
  • These prints are absolutely beautiful and I want a whole gallery of them. 
  • What would Cher Horowitz's Instagram look like? Buzzfeed gives us a pretty good idea. 
  • Are you on Twitter? We're kind of addicted to the real-time social media outlet. If you're new to the Twitter neighborhood, here's a quick look at what celebrities you should follow. Of course you can follow us here too. 
  • Well, this is really cool. 
  • So these are incredibly interesting looking. 
  • Shameless promotion - if you're not busy this Thursday then head down to O'Leaver's where my lovely Cooper will be playing a show with the awesome Worried Mothers and Sour Boy Bitter Girl from Fort Collins. 
Downtown Omaha, around this time of year, you own my heart

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