Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dundee DAY

One of the reasons I love Omaha so much is that we're a pretty close-knit community based in a variety of neighborhoods. Dundee is an adorable area which recently received some TLC including better parking and more public seating. This past Saturday, for one day only, the neighborhood celebrated with music, food, drink and face painting. 

Earlier that day, Cooper and I had argued about the name of the event. Being an English major, logically, I call the event Dundee Day as it lasts only one day. Cooper, and the greater general population seem to always call it Dundee Days. I suppose that just rolls of the tongue easier. However, as this below poster points out, the event indeed is named appropriately. 

As we walked around the entire event space I realized how much I had taken this area of town for granted. The only way to describe it is adorable. The massive historical homes, the flourishing yards and gardens, it's really a lovely neighborhood. There are also an abundance of local business located in this area like Scout and Denim Saloon alongside some really great places to eat like Dario's, Mark's, French Bulldog, and yes, even the Dundee Dell (get the BBLT). 

This kid with his Spiderman face was cracking me up. Seriously, why isn't it appropriate to get your face painted as an adult? Oh yeah, because it's creepy. 

One of the newest eateries in Dundee is Avoli Osteria, which is owned by the great folks over at Dario's. They opened about 10 weeks ago in the old Agave space, so when I saw people walking around with meatballs I knew I had to find where they were coming from. Not only were they serving these delicious meatballs, but also an Italian brat and sangria. I'll definitely be heading back here in the near future (maybe for my birthday dinner?) to try their full menu. 

Of course there was a kid zone at Dundee Day, which normally I would have ignored, if it wasn't for the mechanical bull that sorely stuck out . For some reason they tore this guy down before it got dark outside which didn't make that much sense to me. The  drunken late-night crowd would have had a lot of fun paying $5 a pop to be flung around. 

I didn't stay late to watch the bands. I get a little apprehensive and short around bigs groups of people. Especially a big group of drunk people. It's really great though that these local events look to bands like Rock, Paper Dynamite to set the soundtrack for the night. Cooper's band, Dim Light actually played Dundee Day a few years ago. I remember that night well because his mother and sister came during the day to watch his set and then after the sun went down it started to rain, so us along with everyone else playing the show headed to the green room which was this cavernous basement below Amsterdam. We stayed there until the rain cleared eating cake and drinking whatever booze was still there. Finally, the clouds parted and we all went outside to watch The Conduits drone in the crisp early autumn air. 

So, if you're ever looking to get out of your hood for a night, I recommend you grab a bite at Mark's and then head to the Cork and Bottle to enjoy their patio and a bottle of vino. If dive bars are more your thing, then the Underwood is going to be your best bet. They sell 32 oz. beers which are massive, but a pretty good deal. My biggest piece of advice when visiting the Dundee neighborhood? Avoid Beer & Loathing.  Just, trust me. 

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