Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Fun - Apple Picking

My family has been going to Small's Fruit Farm in Mondamin, Iowa since about 2006. Small's is only about a 45 minute drive from Omaha and very easy to get to. Once you get there you can stop in the cider shed for a samply of their delicious cider and to see the cider pressing area.

You then go into the converted barn where you can sample apples, and purchase a variety of items including bags of already picked apples in various quantities, pumpkins and squashes, locally made jam and honey, cider, and even apple pies. This is also where you get your bags if you want to pick your own apples. We went all out and picked an entire bushel.

My mom goes to Small's specifically for the Jonagold apples, a cross of Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples. These apples are sweet, yet tart. My mom, who typically goes for Granny Smith apples, loves them.

There were so many apples on the trees that it literally took us about 5 minutes to pick the entire bushel.  As we walked back to the barn to pay for our apples we stopped to check out the pumpkin patch.


And, as always, we had to stop in the little restaurant for a delicious piece of warm apple pie. I highly recommend heading to Small's for a fun fall activity.


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