Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Jams #36

Soooooo, this post is coming a bit late. What can I say, I got distracted this weekend. Not with anything particularly interesting, in fact I'm sitting here writing this on Sunday night and I got nothing. I've been trying to curb back some vices, which means I'm self-imposing some restrictions on my free time. But these limitations do have their perks. In fact, I've had more time to explore some new music and I'm beginning to ponder a new project - finally sifting through Cooper's record collection. I bet I've been through maybe a quarter of what he has, and I think it's about time I change that. Do I smell a new Instagram project? 

Let's start off the week with some jams I AM familiar with - 

Chvrches - "We Sink"
Any Monday morning pretty much requires an upbeat jam like this. I just bought this album and I'm totally obsessed. Usually, I wouldn't go for a band so based in synth-pop but I just can't get enough of this. 

The Mynabirds - "Let the Record Go"
A kind-of oldie but goodie. Plus check out all those Omaha babes featured in the video.

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