Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No, If Anyone Orders Merlot, I'm Leaving

Back at the beginning of summer, I picked up a Living Social deal to visit Prairie Crossing winery in Treynor, IA. I had been to a tasting like this before and really enjoyed the experience, so a couple of weeks ago, during a sunny Saturday afternoon, while the rest of Nebraska was preoccupied with Husker Madness, Kerry and I traveled the 40 minutes over to Iowa to taste some nectars of the gods.  

Prairie Crossing is situated 2 miles east on a dirt road, kind of in the middle of nowhere. It's incredible to be that far away from everything. The breeze fluttered through the leaves on the ripened vines and that faint, crisp smell of fall was in the air.

We walked inside of the tasting room and were impressed by the size of the counter. It's one of the largest ones we've seen which seemed to make it easier for multiple groups to taste at the same time while still getting the same level of service from the winery employee. 

The wines were arranged from driest to sweetest and we each got to choose five samples from 12 options. We both started on the two driest wines because we knew those would likely be the ones we enjoyed the most. In our experience, Nebraska and Iowa wineries tend to make more berry-like wines whose consistency can be a little more syrupy that what we're used to. Prairie Crossing's wines were, for the most part, a departure from our previous experiences. The wines were much more drinkable (the sweet wines are still way to sweet for us though) and I can honestly say I'm looking forward to opening the bottle I brought home sometime this fall called Cardinal Red.

As part of the deal, after the tasting, we each received a full glass of wine of our choosing and cheese and crackers. We both opted for their drier reds - Wagon Trail Red and Frontenac - and garlic cheese. We sat out the beautiful back patio and made a new friend, the resident cat, Kit Cat (who even has a wine named after him). And while we're not particularly "cat people" it was nice to have a little companion as we talked about plans for Kerry's new house and what other projects we were looking forward to tackling this upcoming season. 

If I saw this deal again, I would definitely buy it. I mean for $10 you get two wine tastings, two take-home glasses, two full glasses of wine, and cheese and crackers. Sure, you'll probably end up purchasing a bottle of wine to take home, but as they say, "When in Rome"...

And in case you were scratching your head as to why this post's title seems so familiar ----

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