Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On a Dark and Dreary Evening - Wilson & Washburn / Beertopia

It seems like forever since we've treated ourselves to a nice meal at one of Omaha's newer eateries. We've been meaning to check out Wilson & Washburn since our local food reviewer touted it's deliciousness. Let's just say W&W got their hashtag right with #seriouscomfort

The restaurant is a bit dark inside, hence the fuzzy pictures, but the ambiance really set the mood for a relaxing evening, especially since the weather outside was so cool. We started our meal with a glass of wine and cider which was selected from their extensive beer list. 

When it came time to order, we struggled with what to get, even though the menu is pretty small. We ended up going with their cheeseburger and Rueben paired with french fries (we ordered the large portion and split it between us which saved us $1) and Wilson & Washburn's house-made smoked ketchup. For two classic dishes, they still packed a lot of flavor. The cheeseburger came out on a pretzel bun from Le Quartier which really made the dish unique. The Rueben was massive, which was welcome as it means you get to take half of it home for a second meal. 

Wilson & Washburn is open until 2 am most nights and while it's not in the heart of the Old Market, it does make for a great late-night meal option. Especially since you could eat half of it and then help nurse your recovery the next day with the left-overs. All in all, W&W is a place we can see ourselves visiting frequently over the course of this winter. 

After our dinner date, we decided to stop up at Beertopia to pick up some more cider (what can we say, we LOVE drinking cider during this time of year). In case you've never been, Beertopia is located right next to the Crescent Moon on Farnam Street and is filled with delicious beers and a friendly staff who are more than well equipped to help you find exactly what you're looking for. As a person who doesn't drink a lot of beer, this is one place I trust to make a delicious recommendation that even I'll enjoy.

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