Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On The Rack - Oct. 2013

Last month, I bought a small wardrobe rack for my bedroom. I had been wanting to invest in one of these for some time because recently, whenever  I looked at my closet, I was overwhelmed. I felt like I wasn't putting together "outfits" anymore. Instead I just throwing on whatever worked from what was in front of me. With this wardrobe rack, I can pull out five or so pieces to keep my options limited throughout the month. This way I'm a little more deliberate in what I wear and it forces me to put together pieces in a variety of ways to create different looks.
I've always found it tough balancing work appropriate outfits with my off-duty garb. There is a definite gap here for me because while my office is business casual (lots of button ups, dresses, ill-fitting slacks), when I'm not at work I just want to be in a comfortable tee and some black pants/shorts and tennis shoes. Seriously, if it wasn't for this 9-5 gig I would probably look like a dirtbag most of the time, but damn if I wouldn't be comfortable. One day I won't answer to anyone's dress code, and here's hoping that day will arrive soon. Do you ever get frustrated that you have to buy work clothes that just don't fit your personality? Obviously, I need to take more time to shop for work clothes to figure out how to better incorporate my peronsal style in these looks (and not just buy things that are black and call it good at that).
So, I figured since I was going to be rotating the items on this rack anyways, why not share them with you all? Lucky you, right? I hope to start off each month with a peek at what's ont he rack. If nothing else, it will give you an idea of the variety of weather we get here in Nebraska. I think it's going to be pretty fun to dial back throughout the year and see how my choices are changing and evolving. I may start to add accessories, but for now, I started with the basics, tops and shoes. I'm pretty boring and buy the same pants over and over again because I'm in love with the fit of these. I mean, you have to have one standard item in your wardrobe that you don't deviate from, right?
Here's what's on the rack this month:
  • Yes, that's a jumpsuit I recently bought for like $15 at LOFT. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it was cheap and it's comfortable to wear around the house. I don't think this will be making an appearance around the office anytime soon, but I like pairing the jumpsuit with the black short-sleeved sweater that's behind it.
  • As we're transitioning into a new season, I'm happy to break out my sweaters and long-sleeved button ups. These items are perfect for those mornings I'm running a little late and don't want to think too much. Having these neutral stand-bys are a necessity in every girl's closet.
  • To switch it up a bit I also included two dresses from Hello Holiday. The first short black dress was a big item for me this summer. It is super comfortable and super cute (albeit a little short) and I'm exited to pair it with some bright tights. The last dress is perfect for work and the cooler weather since it has long-sleeves.
  • Shoes! Here I have some booties that I plan on wearing a lot this fall with my jeans, high-heeled oxfords to go with my work dresses, big wedges to wear over tights until the weather gets super cold, and finally my new white chucks which I'm so excited to finally add to my wardrobe!

And finally, Bebop just looked too cute this morning after I got out of bed. This is pretty standard for him to have his legs off the bed like this. We badly need a king sized bed.

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