Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spice Up Your Life

In the latest adventure of Meghan buys a Groupon that she forgets about until it's set to expire, I had always heard really wonderful things about Tanduri Fusion out in West Omaha, so when the $15 deal popped up, I quickly clicked 'yes' to purchase. Fast-forward five months later to a warm, late-fall evening. A friend and I visited the busy, but quiet west Omaha strip mall where I spent so much time at in high school as both of my very first, non-babysitting, jobs were located in the same complex.

As I drove by the DQ, the noodle place where I spent so many hours working as a teen, Gordman's, and Baker's, I was almost transported back to 2003 with my black, two-door Pontiac Grand Am and much shorter hair. From 2003-2005, really the only time I spent in the vicinity of my West O homebase was working or going to school. Outside of that I was driving to shows around town and hanging out with older kids who lived east of 72nd Street. People are always surprised now to hear I'm from out there. A Millard West graduate, "But how did you deal with all of those rich pricks?!" "By avoiding them". By the time I could drive I was pretty done with the kids at my school. I talk to some of them now. We've gotten together many once or twice over the past few years. Most of them are still out in the West O bubble living in Hearthstone homes and talking about going to Kobe Steakhouse instead of the dive bars I frequent now. I'm not saying they aren't happy out there, or that they're missing out on something. I guess I just always knew I wanted something else for myself. Something other than white picket fences and a giant yellow Hummer as a Sweet 16 present.

I remember back when I first saw Tanduri Fusion open, but of course being of a blander upbringing, my parents were never interested in trying a new, spicy cuisine. 10 years later the place is still thriving. And that's saying something since I've seen the amount of businesses go into these bays, just to leave a few years later. After a recent visit, I can see how Tanduri Fusion has cemented itself in Omaha's not-so-diverse West Omaha dining scene.

As always, I couldn't make the trip without ordering the veggie samosas to start off the meal. They were freshly fried and while it was a little too much fried dough, the mixture inside was perfect. The mint chutney wasn't as spicy as I've had at other places in the past, but that doesn't mean I didn't want to sop up every last bite in it.

I usually end up ordering the aloo chole, but this trip I thought I'd try a more tomato and basil based sauce - the dum aloo, which is possibly my new favorite dish at an Indian restaurant. My friend ended up ordering the grilled shrimp which came in a delicious but light garlic sauce with veggies that were perfectly steamed. 

Compared to my last experiences at Indian Oven and the Jaipur, Tanduri Fusion might be my new favorite Indian place in town. The service was a little slow, but there were only two servers that night which could explain the leisurely dining experience. I didn't mind the wait, but if you are under a time crunch, you may want to go somewhere else. We left totally stuffed and with leftovers. If you ever see a Groupon deal for Tanduri Fusion I recommend you swipe it up. I would say the deal gives you one free entree which is a hell of a deal considering the amount of food you get. And for those of you who would abhor me for going west of 72nd Street, get over yourselves. While there may be a deplorable sense of entitlement out in West Omaha, you'll only be out there for a couple of hours before you can return to your midtown comfort zone (aka O'Leaver's in our case).

Yes, the title of this post is in reference to a Spice Girls song, it might be a little cliche for a post about an Indian restaurant but, what can I say, sometimes it's tough to be witty all of the time.

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