Monday, October 7, 2013

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Hello again Monday. Per usual, you have arrived too soon. However, this week I am looking forward to enjoying your fall perks like warm soup, hard cider, and pumpkin carving. I'm especially looking forward to the beginning of American Horror Story this Wednesday. This season is all about witches and ever since I was an adolescent (let's be honest, ever since I saw The Craft) I've always been interested in studying the dark arts. Here's a little nerd alert about me - when I was probably 13 I would have my mom drop me off at the library so I could do research on the occult, covens and overall witchcraftery.  I kept all of this information in a notebook - which I would love to find now - but I was always too self-conscious to do anything with it, especially after I started wearing all black to school and kids would call me "goth". Oh, the pangs of being different. Maybe my interest will spike again. I sure won't give a shit about what any "kids" think about me now. I mean, things worked out pretty ok for Teen Witch right? TAKE THAT!
Anyways, take a break from your busy workday with the below internet findings, Monday is almost already over people, huzza!
  • It comes as no surprise to us this study found that dogs are more like humans than the average person thinks. It kills me when people act like dogs are just animals, that they can't be trained and will bite at any moment. It's a sad misconception that is made worse by awful owners who don't care for their companions like they should. What I really enjoyed about this article was how they are connecting their findings to beefing up these animal's rights. These people deserve a "You Go Glen Coco" for sure.
  • As we're all aware, here in Nebraska we're knee deep in football season. While we'll always cheer for our alma mater, Husker football doesn't really have a place in our lives. However, this new repurposing of the Haymarket district in Lincoln is sure interesting. Check out all there is to do down in this area with this handy dandy map.
  • Ok, I'm not done talking about animals yet today. Here's your daily dose of adorable - 21 most touching interspecies friendships you never thought possible.
  • I've always been a huge Fugees fan. Seriously, The Score stayed in my car's cd player for six months straight at least. While Lauryn Hill has had her issues, this new song from her is pretty badass. I can't wait to hear more.
  • You've probably already seen this pop up on your Facebook feed, but if not, you can take a quiz to find out which Nebraska icon you are. Show me Marlon Brando!
  • It's the tail end of wedding season, but in case you have an upcoming nuptial where you are supposed to do a reading, here are some great places to start.
  • By far one of  my favorite activities to do in October is watch some scary movies. Especially old B-horror films. Here's a look at some of our greatest "scream queens". How awesome is that term? If I was an aspiring actress back in the day, I would totally want to make a name for myself in this genre.
  • Nothing to do tomorrow? Check out Killer Blow, who's playing up at O'Leavers.
  • Are you as big fans of Parks and Rec as we are? Because we are Literally some of the biggest fans you'll ever meet.
  • While we love our real-life friendships, sometimes it's the fictional ones that leave the biggest impressions.
Down the street from where I live, there's this house that always goes nuts with the holiday decorations. Their Halloween adornments are pretty killer (HA GET IT).

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