Friday, October 18, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

YOU GUYS IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY AND THERE'S A FULL MOON TONIGHT. If that isn't a sign that this is is going to be my year, I don't know what is. While our weekend is going to be full of celebrating, and then eventual recovery, here are some other local happenings.
FRIDAY October 18
  • Big show tonight at Slowdown - see Built to Spill for just $22
  • Head to O'Leaver's to see our friends in Phantom Scout rock the house. It's only $5 and while you're there, if you're a female, take an obligatory shot of you on the toilet #oleaverstoilet
  • If you find yourself in an overpacked bar in Benson tonight, leave immidiately and head to Sweatshop for some drinks and dancing hosted by our friend DJ Butterhips.
  • Feeling like laying low tonight? Head to the cinema to see Enough Said, which is playing at Filmstreams now until next Thursday.
SATURDAY October 19
  • Head to the library downtown to check out some of Omaha's Lit Fest planned activities.
  • If literature isn't your bag, but wine/beer is, head over to Leavenworth St. for the Nebraska Brew/Vine Art Festival.
  • Last year I made the mistake of accidentally being in Benson at the same time the annual Zombie Walk was going on. I won't be making that same mistake this year, but maybe you're into it. Seriously, I wish those folks were actually zombies because then I could have gotten out of there quicker by running over all of the participants with my car.
  • Keep the zombie feeling going by heading to House of Loom for an undead disco party.
  • As if there isn't enough going on today, head to Omaha's newest and most promising record store located in Benson for their grand opening, featuring live music from the likes of Simon Joyner. Seriously y'all, we need to patron this place otherwise we'll lose another great record store.  
  • While we'll be at Brother's celebrating my 27th year on Friday, there's a pretty killer show here tonight that you should all go to. Pro Magnum will melt yo face off.
  • If you're in Lincoln, head to SP CE for a poetry reading in between seeing bands at Lincoln Calling.
 SUNDAY October 20
  • It's probably going to be one of the last Farmer's Markets, so head to Aksarben for some apple butter and gourds.
  • Haunted bike ride anyone? I had no idea Hummel Park was filled with paranormal activity.
  • Uh, is anyone seeing Bon Jovi tonight?
 I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I've been with this song lately. I have a feeling our weekly Saturday jams this week are all going to be Neko Case songs.

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