Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cabin in the Woods Pt. II

We return today with a wrap up of my remaining pictures from my recent trip to Colorado. We woke up Saturday to a beautifully sunny day. After fighting off some serious altitude sickness, we traveled down the mountain over to Evergreen where we toured their historic downtown area with quaint streets, adorable stores, and one raunchy bar called Little Bear Saloon, which was outfitted with a variety of bras hanging over the stage.

While on our way into town we passed by this massive chair on the side of the road. We're pretty sure we were illegally trespassing on the property, but hey, isn't that what hanging out with your friends from high school is all about? Reckless behavior and poor decision making?

On our final night, after we finished dinner, I was taking a break outside looking in on the girls sitting at the dining room table. I had this amazing flash forward, far down the line, to us sitting over a similar table with wine, food, and some cards, laughing like we did that weekend. The thing about friendships and relationships is that they need regular maintenance. It's so incredibly important to take the time for these trips because before you know it, life happens and it becomes tougher and tougher to stray from the routine of it all. I feel so lucky that we got to spend this weekend together between some of us being married and before having kids of our own, and god knows I look forward to our future trips as well.

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