Monday, November 4, 2013

Firepit Season

This past weekend was full of good times with great friends. It's weekends like this that are really humbling. The shear amount of amazing people I have come to know over these past years in Omaha reminds me how lucky I am to live here and now. Sometimes I can feel really down about Omaha and its seeming limitations, but not this past weekend.

Traveling to Benson for First Friday and returning on Saturday and Sunday to meet multiple groups of people from all over, not only Omaha, but Lincoln and Denver too, and sharing drinks, coversations, and laughs is a true testament to the great power this city has over people our age.

On Saturday, we took a night off to christen our new firepit. Unforutnately, it wasn't as warming as I had hoped it would be, but next time I'll know to wear more layers. Cooper, like a true boyscout, knows how to build a lasting fire. And while we tried to keep Bebop from scorching his tail, he wouldn't  stray farther than a few steps away from the flames. Luckily, we went without incident this time, but that doesn't mean the mommy in me won't come out when my big, dumb, adorable fur-baby tries to get as close to the fire as possible.

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