Tuesday, November 12, 2013

On The Rack - Nov. 2013

I introduced this new On The Rack post last month, and I have to say I'm quite enjoying it. It's a really great way to edit down my closet to items that I'll actually wear and especially helps me get out the door earlier in the morning (and trust me, that's not easy for me to do).

So, here's what's on the rack this month:

  • Yep, there are a lot of loose sweaters on the rack this month. What can I say? Other than some punk rock t-shirts, this is all I plan on wearing. Ugh, let's just stay mommy needs to go back on a diet and keep up with her recent return to the gym. Maybe come spring there will be some form-fitting clothes on here.
  • This past summer I tried to get into the whole PJ's-as-every-day-wear trend, and I have to say, I do love wearing a comfy cotton shirt during business hours. I picked up the navy button-up from J. Crew Factory and I love pairing it with this black cardigan which Cooper picked up from the lost and found at Pageturner's. What? Don't judge. 
  • I'm digging this new white lace dress I got from Forever 21 while I was in Denver a couple of weeks ago. I had been looking to add this staple to my wardrobe for the last two months and because I'm a cheapskate, I went with the one that fit my budget and my build. Also returning this month is that Hello Holiday dress. I seriously love this dress, but need to loose a little more weight before I start putting it back into heavy rotation. 
  • A couple items that aren't pictured - many, MANY tights, high socks, and a long skirt that I recently acquired from H&M which I LOVE wearing around the house after work. Yep. This month is all about comfort for me.  

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