Monday, November 4, 2013

Quick Fall Snaps

Here are a few photos from my life this past week -

^^View from my driveway. I love this red tree that's poking through the rest^^

^^A belated birthday cheesecake, homemade by my dear friend Jess. The pecan crust is my favorite^^

^^How cute is this Halloween party set-up? My friend Mandy rules. Her and her husband always host amazing parties where they encourage their guests to let loose and get weird (usually with lots of tequila shots)^^

^^I told them to look manly, and this is what I got^^

^^Humphrey here was Elmo and once this costume went on, he froze, literally, for like 20 minutes. It was hilarious and also a little sad^^

^^Tobias Fuenke doing Jell-O shots. My night was complete after this happened^^

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