Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Jams #39

How is it 5:30 pm and dark outside already? I guess fall is truly upon us. Over this past week, I tried to take in all of the fall beauty outside before it passes us by. The trees around town with their variety of colors is just stunning. During one sundown this week, the clouds created this spotlight around the setting sun and as I was driving east on my way home, it shown ever so slimming on the tops of the red, brown, yellow and green leaves. I felt like I just wanted everything to stop in that moment so I could really enjoy it. I guess that's the thing about life. You always wish you had more time to truly enjoy things before they escape. At least living in Nebraska, we know those trees and that sun will return one day again. 

Fiona Apple - "Sally's Song"
I know, I know, Halloween has passed, but I just came across this Fiona Apple cover and I had no idea it existed. Pretty, huh?

Dr. Dog - "Vampire"
Yeah, kind of a theme going here this week. I guess I'm still wishing it was October...

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