Friday, November 8, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

Happy Friday y'all! I may have hit it a little too hard last night (I spent the night catching up on American Horror Story and my mind was blown so much, I just had to use alcohol to cope. Don't judge) so I'm sitting here a little groggy and foggy, but hey, I'm here so that's something to be said.
I'm definitely ready to relax this weekend. My plans include making soup and pretzel bowls, thrifting for a jean jacket for our potential holiday card, touring Lauritzen Gardens with my mama, and pinning ideas for our annual SPANKSGIVING gathering (we just sent out the invites this week and are super excited!). Re-reading that paragraph makes me sound like a real adult. Mommy definitely needs a break from Benson and booze. Huzza for maturity!
FRIDAY November 8
  • So the Slowdown is hosting an amazing night of cover bands. David Bowie, Talking Heads, PURPLE RAIN?! Yes please. For only $5 this is likely the best deal in town tonight.
  • Get your art side on down at Bill Hoover's studio on 13th Street. Tonight he's showing art which he created blindfolded and he hasn't seen yet. What? Yeah, you read that right.
  • I live within walking distance of the Sidedoor Lounge and I always wonder why I don't stop by there more often. Oh, this is why.
  • Everyone is making a big fuss about Omaha getting an NC-17 rated movie at Filmstreams. Did no one else go see Blue Valentine or Shame at the Dundee Theater?
  • The weather is cooling off again which means it's finally time to hit up or favorite neighborhood gem Josephine's.
SATURDAY November 9 
  • So after last week's Hail Mary, how do you think the Husker's will fair against Michigan today? While we really don't give a damn about football, we do enjoy the day-drinking. Head to Pageturner's this afternoon to watch the game on their giant projector.
  • It's been a long time since I've seen Snake Island! play. Catch 'em tonight at O'Leaver's.
  • Our favorite Benson event is back! Petshop's Book Exchange is tonight at 7:30 featuring three writers. This is where you'll find us tonight and then maybe we'll head to Almost Music to check out their record selection and second hand books on the other side at Solid Jackson
  • I'm not really sure what's going on at the Sweatshop tonight, but it looks pretty interesting.
  • Seriously, it's all about Benson tonight. Down at The Sydney they're doing a live comedy podcast recording. Yay! We love podcasts!
 SUNDAY November 10
  • Eat through your hangover with breakfast down at Louie M's.  We highly recommend the guacamole omelette and the chorizo scramble.
  • Last Sunday I didn't put pants on until 3:45 and stayed in bed all day gorging on HBO GO. I finally watched Pitch Perfect (and very much enjoyed it to my dismay). What will be streaming on your laptop today?
  • If you're wanting to avoid the fact that tomorrow marks the beginning of another week, head to Mister Toad's tonight for some awesome jazz music.
Here's a group text message I had with my parents this week and it pretty much sums up how every one of our conversations goes -

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