Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Yummies

So, lately we've been wah wah wah-ing about not being more on top of the holiday game, and last night we remedied that. We (or rather Kerry) made a few of the stand-by's we made last year including salted caramels and chocolate butterscotch peanut clusters

Kerry's grandma has an incredible collection of recipes which are always entertaining to go through. In the age of the internet and Pinterest, you just don't see these laminated, hand-written recipes which were traded after successful parties between close groups of friends and families. Do we smell a party in the future where everyone brings a favorite dish to share, hand written recipe included?


^^It wouldn't be a night in the kitchen without an appearance by R. Kelly^^

^^The caramel may have turned out a little harder than we intended. The recipe calls for you to use a candy thermometer to ensure the mixture doesn't get hotter than the "hard ball" temperature and we may have surpassed it slightly. The bright side is that this recipe is so easy to make, re-doing a batch, while not ideal, is not all that time consuming^^

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