Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NY Resolutions - Sly Fox Edition

If I can be totally honest with you all, 2013 was not my year. Looking back on my resolutions from last year, I'm kind of cracking up because (and don't hate me for saying this) life was so easy back then. Isn't it absolutley cuckoo how just one year can change your entire perspective on life?

I can officially say I'm a grown-up now. Staying out until 3 am, sleeping until noon, throwing purchases you don't need on a credit card - I'm over it. And when I say I'm over it, it doesn't mean that these things don't occasionally happen, however they are becoming far more few and far between. I lost an important mentor and my first long-term (4 year) relationship is behind me. I'm single, living alone in an apartment in Dundee and even Bebop has slowed down considerably.

That being said, 2014 is going to be all about me [and Bebop]. When I reflect on the last few years of my life, there are a lot of great memories, however I didn't spend the time I should have making sure I was getting where I want to go. There's no point in putting a lot of regret into how you wasted time in the past, but I can tell you I'm going to be much more present in my future. The obvious reason in making resolutions in the first place is to try to achieve a happier and hopefully healthier you. But more than that they're about reaching a truer you. So here's what I have on my personal agenda in the upcoming year.

  • Find a Style I'm happy with (and can maintain). This past year I got pretty lazy about how I looked. Maybe it's because I was in a relationship, so I didn't think it really mattered, maybe it's because I gained some unexpected weight, maybe it's just because I was plain lazy. Either way, this year I want to commit to a new style I love and can easily maintain. This is probably going to start with a haircut. Not a drastic one, but I definitely part with about five inches of my hair and possibly return to bangs. Also thrown in the mix - more band tees. Seriously, I kind of want to live in t-shirts in 2014.
  • Take myself out for more dinners. If there's one thing I'm going to allow myself to splurge on in 2014, it's a nice meal. Whether this meal is spent alone or in the company of others, I want to indulge in all of the great deliciousness Omaha has to offer.
  • Go see more local art. I think this is self-explanatory. 
  • Spend more time at home aka spend less time at bars. To help my pocket book and personal health, I think I can stand to spend more nights in and less nights out trolling bars in Benson. I wouldn't mind throwing more coffee shops in the mix once it gets warmer out. Especially since my new neighborhood spot, Blue Line has such a lovely outdoor patio which I can just envision myself and Bebop hanging out on.  
  • Seriously Seriously consider going to Graduate School. I've let the fear of re-taking the GRE and leaving Omaha go on for long enough. It's time to seriously sit down and consider my post-undergraduate education plan. In 2014 I want to go visit all the campuses I can, study and re-take that damned GRE exam and prepare myself to apply for programs by the end of the year.
  • Find and listen to more NEW music. This will likely be my easiest resolution and one that I hope will be on my list each year moving forward. I go through spurts of listening to new music, but then I always end up going back to my standbys in a pinch. I think my secret this year will be finding a technological outlet to track new music I'm listening to and what I like and what I don't. Do you have any music sites that are your favorite? Spotify? Sound Cloud? Pandora? 

  • Write More. Read More. I'm not sure if there will ever be a time where this goal is not on my list. I gain no pleasure like I do with my nose in a book or a laptop or notepad in front of me. I really, really wish I got paid to read and write all day. Maybe Kerry and I need to re-instate our little book club. 
  • Take my "fancy" camera out with me. While I upgraded to an iPhone 5C which came equipped with a much better camera, it still ain't shit compared to the Nikon I got for Christmas last year. Arguably, I'm a little scared to take my nice camera out because I don't have a bag or case for it. So, this is the year I'm going ot invest in a bag like this or this. My photography skills have improved over the past year, but I know there's a lot more to learn about operating a camera that isn't attached to a phone.

Of course there are some shared goals Kerry and I have with this blog itself. We want to continue to provide you all with a look at our daily lives in the mid-west, but maybe it's about time we seek some sponsors. You think?

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