Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On the Rack - Dec. 2013

Ok I know we're more than halfway through December, but I'm finally ready to share a new monthly wardrobe in a new apartment! Say hello to these green walls! 
  • On Cyber Monday I picked up this little number from Stay Home Club, which I've been eyeing for some time now. I'm a sucker for a good graphic tee and I'm excited to take some scissors to this guy to make it a little more "me". Sometimes I buy shirts a size larger so I can "tailor" them for my body. I have a shorter torso so I find myself taking shirts up to give my body a little better proportion. 
  • My other Cyber Monday find was this sweater from Modcloth which is now my new favorite sweater. It's crazy warm, a great color and I love the boat neck. It's easy to stick a cami or tee underneath and if I could, I would wear it every day, especially since it's now officially under 30 degrees most days. 
  • Yeah, This month is all about warmth and comfort. This flannel from Urban Outfitters is another shirt I could wear every single day. How did I forget that flannel is dabomb.com? 
  • I already talked about this dress, and even though there's snow on the ground, it's so darn comfortable and fashionable I'm still working it. 
  • Making a comeback is my summer vest, re-tooled for winter by layering it over a denim shirt and hoodie. It's not something that I get to wear out too much these days, but that doesn't mean I don't like to try on those "nice" days when the weather is over 40 degrees (which are very few and far between). 
  • And I FINALLY invested in some new black jeans. These BDG's from Urban Outfitters are my go-to because they have some stretch which makes them comfortable and I LOVE the high waist.

There's some pretty great light in my apartment, so I couldn't help but snap a #selfie. You gotta own it grrrrrl.

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