Friday, December 27, 2013

Wind Down / Wound Up

Hello weekend! Hopefully that was a short week for most of you and while the return to work was less than ideal, at least we have a couple of days off again! So as the [shortened] work week winds down, WO + SF and crew are winding up for the weekend.
FRIDAY December 27th
  • Tonight I'm heading downtown for dinner at Kitchen Table to meet with a longtime friend who's in town for the holidays from her home in Austin. I'm so excited to introduce her to Omaha's newest and greatest, especially since she's a vegetarian, and they do a nightly meatless option!
  • I think while we're in the Old Market, we should partake in some of the newer bars down there. The Berry & Rye is a spot I've been wanting to try for months (though at $10/drink I will probably just stick with ordering one), then of course there's the brand-spanking new Borgata Brewery which very well could become my new downtown favorite.
  • Later, you might find us at O'Leaver's to see PRO-MAGNUM (can you guys tell I really like this band since we typically always post their upcoming shows?). $5 gets you in but you have to pick up your face after it gets melted off.
  • Up in Benson you can catch Hear Nebraska's showcase at The Waiting Room in support of their second compilation record. For only $8 you'll see Universe Contest, Simon Joyner & the Ghosts, Conchance & Pleasure Adapter.
SATURDAY December 28th

  • If you find yourself hungry for some pizza today, get your tastebuds going by reading this epic review in our local paper about the best pizza in Omaha. I'm someone who could eat pizza all day, everyday and reading that article makes me want to make one of our 2014 goals to go to every pizza joint in town. But maybe that would be a little redundant?
  • After eating all that pizza, head to Filmstreams to catch The Punk Singer, which looks like an amazing documentary about Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of Bikini Kill.
  • So it's supposed to be hella nice today which means you need to spend it outside. Take your pup to the dog park, head to Mount Vernon Gardens or Fontenelle Forest to walk around, hell, take a book, a picnic basket (and a flask or thermos of wine) up to Memorial Park and enjoy the view.
  SUNDAY December 29th
  • 4:30 marks the last showing at Filmstreams of It's A Wonderful Life starring my all-time favorite Jimmy Stewart. I've been kicking myself for the last three years since I have yet to make it down to see this classic on the big screen. Maybe I'll finally make it out in 2014.
  • You know where I haven't been in a while? Aksarben. Staying north of Pacific street, I rarely go south over to Center. I often forget anything exists over there. I've been having a craving for thai food recently and I'm thinking a trip to Mai Thai can remedy that.
  • It seems like this Songwriter Death Battle idea is really picking up. In it's third installment at The Waiting Room you'll see probably the largest concentration of singers/songwriters belting out one song with one guitar.
If you find yourself wanting to get out of the house for a bit, might we suggest you head to Krug Park? They open as early as noon on the weekends and they have a lovely patio which is perfect for taking in this unusually warm weekend (again, take advantage folks, this is surely the last one we're going to get for some time).

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