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2013 Year End Wrap-Up

And, Hello 2014! Last year, we did our yearly wrap up at the beginning of February for our blog's anniversary. But now that we've been around for a full 12 months (we can't believe we're turning two next month!) we thought we'd join the masses in taking a peek back at what our 2013 entailed.

This year we published 342 posts. Yowza that's a lot of content especially compared to the 210 posts we did in 2012. We added more standard posts throughout the week with Saturday Jams and Sunday Meditations (because I finally mastered Photoshop). It felt great to have more of a consistent voice, however there's always room for improvement and growth.

In 2014, you can expect some of what you've come to expect from us in the past, but we really want to focus more on why we started this blog in the first place - our love of our home and current town: Omaha.

In January I was gifted my first DSLR camera and took it out for an innagural run at north Omaha's Alpine Inn. My resolution to bake more unforutnately didn't last much longer after January ended, however I did make these delicious dark chocolate and raspberry brownies. Kerry and her mother headed to the Old Market to one of our favorite Omaha eateries - M's Pub. St. Cecilia's hosted their annual flower show and I finally got to go!

February arrived and as mentioned before, we celebrated our blog's anniversary with homemade pizza and a night at O'Leaver's. Valentine's Day was spent at French Bulldog which quickly became my new favorite Dundee restaurant (though in all honestly, all restaurants in Dundee are amazing) and I shared my beloved watch collection.

March was bitterly cold with snow still on the ground, but we kept busy with a date night at the Joslyn Art Museum (which now offers free admission every day of the week!). I also visited burger heaven and an Omaha classic. KERRY WENT ON A CRUISE!! I shared my favorite homemade dessert - caramel bars.

In April I checked two items off of my bucket list, I visited Denver for the first time (for more than 24 hours) and I got to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds live in concert!! Kerry shared more from her cruise including pics from her underwater camera. I had a meh breakfast at Brix Midtown. We prepared for warmer weather and outdoor parties with our Texas Caviar recipe - I'm really looking forward to it being warm enough again to make this!

At the very end of April I lost someone extremely close to me. This single event altered my entire year and my life. I still miss Sue every day, but I know her spirit is with me where ever I go. I spent May keeping busy with baking, going to see my friend's wonderful art, reliving my best Omaha moments at my second home La Buvette, DIY-ing a summer look, walking around Lauritzen Gardens, and visiting the annual flea market in Brownville, NE.

The weather was pretty perfect in June which would explain why we spent so much of it outdoors. We tasted Omaha for the second year in a row. On our way to Minneapolis we stopped at one of my favorite out-of-town eateries - Hickory Park. We shared our loot from Ikea after this trip. One of our newest favorite bars opened called The Trap Room. Kerry shared her delicious recipe for Brie en Croute which was made as part of our fancy pants wine and cheese party. We professed our love for Hello Holiday and attended Petshop's Book Exchange.

July was definitely my favorite month this year as it was pretty much exclusively spent outside. I went to a baseball game out in the boonies of southwest Omaha. We of course shot off some fireworks in honor of Fourth of July and stumbled on this awesome flag mural in south Omaha. I read a cool little booklet on meteorites with hand-drawn illustrations and visited a not-so-secret garden. My favorite new restaurant in Omaha opened (it has an amazing meatloaf). AND WE FINALLY GOT TO GO TO JAZZ ON THE GREEN! We also celebrated Kerry's 26th birthday with R. Kelly.

In August I shared photos of some of my favorite Omaha buildings. I met a semi-famous dog and was inspired by his owner. Who knew this cat mural existed in Omaha? I traveled down to Kansas City to meet up with some of my dearest and oldest friends. For our friend G's birthday, we went camping and got him a pinata. August also marked the beginning an epic wedding season.

When September arrived we were more than ready for fall. We made some goals for the season and by far my most favorite thing happened this month - my brother got married to his partner of over 10 years!  That wasn't the only important wedding of the season. My dear friends Boz and Bethany tied the knot, I co-hosted a bachelorette party and I DIY-ed their present too! We also ate out a lot apparently because we posted about The Grey Plume's bar/happy hour, egg salad sandwiches at BI Luncheonette, and meatless Monday at Benson Brewery.

I might be a little impartial, but October is my favorite month of the year. I introduced our monthly "On the Rack" post. I attended Dundee Day and ate the most amazing meatball sandwich. We ditched town for a short road trip over to Iowa for a wine tasting.  I explained why I'm obsessed with meatloaf and one of Omaha's newest and best metal bands, as well as some thoughts on turning 27. We also finally made it down to eat at Wilson & Washburn.

November finally cemented the cooler weather which meant that it was finally officially firepit season. I returned to Denver, this time to meet with some old high school friends and we stayed at the most beautiful cabin in the mountains. Breakfast has always been one of our favorite meals of the day which explains why I went on and on about Omaha's own Louie M's. Remember how Kerry and I are dog owners? It seems like the dogs didn't make it on the blog all that much this year, but trust us, they were hanging out a bunch together. We hosted our 2nd annual Spanksgiving celebration which included some beautiful homemade floral crowns for our female guests.

The last month of 2013, December marked some pretty huge changes. I moved into a new apartment all by myself. In the midst of moving, I traveled up to Minneapolis by plane to spend some quality time with my brother. The rest of the month was spent in preparation for the holidays. We made some holiday sweets, took you on a tour of my and Kerry's houses and I shared the recipe for my favorite holiday side dish - cheesy potatoes.
And there's a look at how we spent 2013! Thanks to you all for hanging in there with us. As much as Kerry and I write here for fun, as a way to remember our lives as they are now, it's always humbling to know you have an audience listening. So thanks again!

Finally, I can't help but think of this scene from 30 Rock when I think of year-end wrap-up's or "rap-up's" as Lemon puts it.

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