Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Red, Gold & Green

I kind of have an embarrassing story about poinsettias. When I was a kid, I was playing mad scientist and I created this concoction including some muddled plant leaves which I proceeded to feed to my dog and consume myself. Enter my older brother who informs me that poinsettias are poisonous. Turns out, that's just an urban legend, however when you're 7 years-old, you're naive enough to believe anything your family members tell you. The story ends with me locked in my bedroom, hugging my dog and crying, hoping I wouldn't croak. After about an hour I figured out I was fine, but that moment of pure terror still haunts me today. 

That story really has nothing to do with visiting the last weekend of Lauritzen Garden's annual poinsettia show, but hey it's mildly entertaining. 

And yes, this post title can be attributed to the one and only Culture Club -

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