Monday, January 6, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Brrrrrr! If you're living in the midwest, we don't have to tell you how cold it is today. On top of the freezing temperatures my body has finally succumbed to my yearly sickness. Someone sneezed on me Saturday and regardless of my attempts to kill any live bacteria with mass amounts of hand sanitizer, I find myself light-headed and with a sore throat. Over the past two days I have been asleep about 26 of them (ugh that's tough to admit) but I hope to be back on the mend tomorrow.

This time of year is made for hot beverages, soups, blankets, and some Law & Order: SVU marathons. So as we begin this work week, we hope you're staying warm and healthy!
  • If you're lucky enough to stay at home during this epically cold weather, spend it watching these 50 movies about exhilaratingly bad women. 
  • I'm SO in love with this article on Omaha's memorable neon signs. My favorite part of living on Leavenworth street was passing by these buildings and imagining Omaha of the past. 
  • Pre-order Omaha's own craft-purveyor Megan Hunt's new how-to book on embroidered fabric flowers. 
  • We love hilarious women and for any of you jerks out there who don't' think women can be funny, we'll direct your hate to here
  • Henry Rollins, you were my hero before and you're even more my hero now
  • So, we all remember that episode toward the end of Sex & The City when party girl Lexi plummets to her death after ranting about how over New York is. The history of how the scene came to be and the reaction to it is actually pretty interesting. 
  • 2013 might have been the year of Miley Cyrus' tongue. Here's a look-back at all of it's appearances prior to last year and here's hoping we'll see more of it in the future. 
  • I love a good pun, and this series of memes using a The Rock cardboard cutout are hilarious. 
  • These gif's in reaction to most of what happens in January of every new year are pretty spot on. 
  • Is one of your resolutions to eat better? Or maybe eat breakfast more often? This recipe should fulfill both of these goals. 
  • Along with the breakfast above, you should probably start your day with this 3-minute morning yoga routine as well. 
  • If you're a Twin Peaks fan, you've probably seen this already, but in case you haven't... 
As part of my 2014 resolutions, I finally got around to cutting my hair so I didn't look like I was a member of some back-woods cult. Thanks to thee Rebecca at Bungalow 8 for making me look like a pretty lady again! 

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