Monday, January 27, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Having a really wonderful weekend makes coming back to work on Monday morning that much more difficult. I finally checked out the Berry & Rye downtown and let me tell you - the $10 cocktail is worth the price. I fully enjoyed my night there by not taking out my phone once and instead opting to stay in the moment and take in every sip of my drink. Check back later this week though for a bunch of pretty flower photos from Saint Cecelia's annual floral show! Nothing makes me wish spring was here faster than seeing beautiful fresh and green flowers!

If you enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine, you'll need the below internet links to ease yourself into your day - 
  • I discovered the Dum Dum Girls a few years ago when they came through Omaha with Those Darlins. The show at the Waiting Room was honestly one of the best sleeper shows I've ever seen here. In case you're new to the Dum Dum Girls, you can listen to their entire new album here. "Lost Boys and Girls Club" is one of the sexiest songs I've hear in a looong time. 
  • These old fashioned photos taken of actors/actresses at Sundance are pretty rad. 
  • My mom worked at Indian Hills when she was in high school, so I was pretty enamored with this look at the old theater. Interestingly enough, it was the only job she's been fired from. I won't tell you why because it's pretty embarrassing. 
  • So this is the word's most adorable couple. 
  • No surprise here, I got Lucille Bluth. 
  • I need to take a road trip to visit all of these Twin Peaks sites in the near future. 
  • Speaking of television shows we love, we couldn't agree with this list more. 
  • I really wish my parents would do something like this when they both retire. 
  • One of my friends posted a link to this image set this week and I can't stop looking at it. 
  • Social Media is a very interesting thing, sometimes good and sometimes torture device
  • Yes to all 13. 
Warm up your car and get your defroster ready, it's gonna be a chilly one out there today...

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