Friday, January 17, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

TGIF ammiright?! This week went by surprisingly quickly but maybe that's because I spent most of it in hibernation due to that awful gd wind we had all week. I'm ready to break out of the confines of my office and apartment and take this city by storm. Are you feeling me? Good, because while the work week winds down, WO + SF and company are winding up for the weekend!

FRIDAY January 17th
  • Where you'll find Meghan tonight: O'Leaver's for what's going to be an ultra-amazing-face-melting-extravaganza. Pro-Magnum, Dumb Beach, et al. Let's get tipsy and sweaty together.
  • Get your art on  from 6 - 9 over at the Union for Contemporary Art with an exhibition by the wonderful Ying Zhu.
  • There's comedy going on over at Brother's, but isn't Brother's always comical when you see drunk kids trying to stumble in after being down at the Crescent Moon?
  • Celebrate diversity through dancing down at House of Loom where they're hosting their annual MLK tribute. Get in for free before 11 with an RSVP.
SATURDAY January 18th
  • Hangry from some breakfast? Why not try something new? Head over to Council Bluffs to Mad Ox Bakery or out west to Over Easy - both of which received pretty stellar reviews from our own Omaha World Herald.
  • Some dudes I know go over to Iowa once a month to watch some ridiculous wrestling matches and one of these days, I swear I'm going to make it. If you wanna go watch some men in leotards put other men in banana-hammocks into head-locks, head over to Iowa tonight.
  • O'Leaver's is packing it in again tonight with Rainy Road Records presenting Worried Mothers and Touch People.
  • Hear Nebraska is hosting their annual Take Cover serires at The Waiting Room where local musicians cover their favorite songs by other Nebraska musicians. Hear Nebraska has been previewing who's covering what all week over on their website.
SUNDAY January 19th
  • Did you see, did you see how nice it's supposed to be today?! Sunny AND in the 50's! There's not much going on event-wise today so take your butt outside for some Sunday Funday activities. Perch on a patio, read a book, take your crafts outside, go to the dog park. We can't tout our favorite Omaha patios to enjoy some adult beverages on - La Buvette, Mr. Toad's, Krug, Jake's, Rose & Crown and O'Leaver's (yes another mention, aparently you should just live there this weekend) just to name a few.
Bebop's judgement face here toward Sir Oliver Joseph Jones is cracking me up pretty hard. What a doggie diva. 

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