Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In High Spirits

Continuing on in our Valentine's day recap we started last week, after our delicious Valentine's Day dinner over at Kitchen Table, we had another reservation to catch for drinks at The Berry & Rye

Let me begin by saying, the word "craft cocktail" is a tough one for me to digest. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way. Like what kind of world do we live in that we have to pretense-ify even low-life activities like drinking? Maybe it's because I'm a dive bar type of person. I don't go out to drink to feel fancy, I go out to drink to feel human, to commiserate with my fellow man. We certainly like the  idea of throwing back fancier drinks every once and awhile, but when were heard these drinks were $10 a pop, we pumped the brakes on a visit some time ago. 

Enter my friend Kate who recently got a gig at Berry & Rye. After a week or two of bugging me to come in and non-stop talk about the delicious drinks that I just HAD to try, Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect opportunity to indulge. 

Owned by the fine folks from House of LoomThe Berry & Rye plays host to an intimate bar setting with an impressive cocktail menu (to say the least). On both of my visits I sat at the bar, which I would highly recommend if you want to watch the pro-bartenders in action. It's half of the reason to come to a place like this because those dudes are the real deal. 

On this particular night both Kerry and I ordered The Antoinette, because duh, whiskey. I've also tried the Mont Blanc, a brandy drink, and both proved to be worth their $10 price tag. This is how you're supposed to drink. The well-thought out cocktails are complicated yet accessible and each drink has a small rating next to it so you can see whether you are ordering a more complex or simple drink. Don't be afraid to try the more complex though. I was a little worried when I saw I was ordering like an 8 on the 10 threshold and while it took probably an hour to finish the drink itself, it was delicious until every last drop. 

Yeah, that's a flaming glass. Again, the bartenders here are true professionals and actually pretty nice dues as well. On both of my visits the service was a little slow, but if you sit at a booth or table out in the room, you'll receive table service which probably means you get your drink a little faster, albeit without being able to watch a guy set two glasses on fire at the same time. 

Oh, I almost forgot. Between our dinner and enjoying our whiskey at Berry & Rye, we headed over to Homer's which I only seem to make it to anymore once a year (which is a bummer. I really need to invest in a record player soon). Being in the store again brought back so many memories of high school. I used to stop by the Homer's out west on Center St. at least once a week to grab new CD's. Man, I miss having that much disposable income. Darn you bills and responsibilities. 

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