Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mom's Night Out at SPORTSBALL

A few weeks ago, my dear (and basketball crazed) friend Bethany invited me to a Creighton Jays game. I hadn't been to a live sports event since my college days, so I grabbed my blue flannel and we joined the masses for some good ole high-fiving and beer drinking. 

YOU GUYS I FORGOT HOW HUGE THE CENTURY LINK CENTER IS. The energy in the air was evident each time the Jays scored and as the game tightened up, the suspense of whether or not they were going to turn it out caused the crowd to cheer even louder. With only three seconds left on the clock, basketball wunderkind Doug McDermott shot the winning basket sending the crowd in an outburst of bewilderment and joy. I've never enjoyed being a part of so many spirited high fives in my life. I might actually like doing this sports thing every once and a while. 

Oh and we just had to double first the 24 oz. Bud Lights being served at the concessions, because when in Rome, right? Thanks Bethany for such a wonderful night!

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