Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Jams #2.6

This weekend I thought I'd dedicate our weekly jam session to some popular songs you may not know are actually covers. I'm going to admit something here too - For the most part I enjoy the originals better. Sue me!

Gloria Jones - "Tainted Love"
Oh what, this song isn't originally from the 80's? While we're all aware of The Supremes appearance in the 80's version, who knew the whole thing was a cover? I wanna jam out to this song so hard at next month's Benson Soul Night.

Linda Lyndell - "What a Man"
Same applies here as above - I wanna hear and dance to this next Soul Night!

Irma Thomas - "Time is on My Side"
Made famous by The Rolling Stones, Irma's version came out only a few years before theirs.

Slade! - "Cum on Feel the Noize"
OK so this one isn't actually too different from the version we all know, but I think I actually prefer this British hair band's version better?

Jeff Beck - "Superstitious"
Yep, I like the guitar intro better than Stevie's keyboard and it should come as no surprise I like the stone rock version better than the original. 

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