Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scouring & Devouring Omaha - A Decadently Romantic Dinner at Kitchen Table

Who says Valentine's Day is only for lovers? Maybe we should all be more specific as to what type of lovers we're talking about when it comes to this romantically hyped holiday. How about lovers of delicious, fresh food? Or lovers of their hometown? Or people who love to hate the commercialization of amorous relationships.
This past Valentine's Day we fell into these latter categories. With no prospective dates in our horizon, we decided to treat ourselves to a little self-romance. When the always delicious Kitchen Table announced they were going to be hosting a $35 4 course meal for the occassion, we decided to take back the holiday for all the single ladies out there who want to show the world they could give two shits about how life as a woman is "supposed" to look like at 27. But beyond any political or social message we were trying to send that night, we really just wanted to eat some really good food.
And that we did.
Last Friday was a blustery night. Note to future self - Downtown Omaha is a nightmare on Valentine's Day. We literally drove around for 20 minutes trying to find parking when we finally bit the bullet and parked on the 10th Street bridge. The 6 block walk caused us not only to be a little late for our reservation, but also caused us to lose feeling in our faces and toes.
Finally arriving at our destination, the dimly lit room filled with couples sharing the love was quite captivating. We took our seats and it became pretty obvious that we were the only platonic lovers there that night. Rather than get all, "woe is me" we ordered cocktails and waited for the magic meal to begin while chatting about Wayne's World and who we would rather date - Wayne or Garth.

The starter for the night was a beet tartare with multiple pairings like roe, mustard, and an apple puree of sorts which was absolutely delicious. The dish was light and extremely fresh (I'd almost describe it as literally tasting like a farm) which was a great way to start the gorging.

The next course was a polenta loaf topped with kale and blue cheese. This was my favorite course of the evening. Good god, writing this now I can still taste it in my mouth and I'm practically drooling over my keyboard. Our only issue with this course? It was a bit heavy considering we still had two more courses to go. Again, I wouldn't take it back for anything, but I probably could have had this as a main course and been fine.

As is always the case with Kitchen Table, there was a vegetarian and meat meal option for the night. We both opted for the meatless version which means for our main course we were served a delicious risotto rather than a huge lamb shank. This consistent vegetarian/meat choice is easily my favorite thing about Kitchen Table. The flavors this risotto packed were incredible. With each bite it was equally sweet as it was savory and THAT'S what makes a fantastic meal.

By the time dessert arrived, we were fading pretty fast. IT'S SO MUCH FOOD YOU GUYS. But once that plate plopped down at we heard the words, "butterscotch pudding" we perked right back up. This was Kerry's favorite course and if she could have licked the inside of this mason jar to get to all of the pudding, I think she would have. Common decency stopped her, but I really wished she would have went for it. Especially considering the couple next to us were literally feeding each other this course which felt incredibly awkward. Like I get it, sharing a bite with someone can be romantic, but feeding your girlfriend the entire course just makes it look like you're feeding a baby - and in our books babies are far from romantic.
The night wasn't without me trying to further embarass us by asking the waitress to take our picture. 
And this pretty much sums up the night!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, my other date for the night were of course 1) Alcohol and 2) Nick Cave in a shirt I wish I owned myself.

Check back next week to read more about our Valentine's night outings!

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