Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: Pitch Pizzeria

While I've been visiting Dundee's many delicious establishments for years, as a recent official resident of the neighborhood you can expect to see a lot more posts about the historic area in the future. What's amazing about the stretch on Underwood Ave. is with each step you take on the sidewalk, you are taken to a different region. You have Americana comfort food over at Mark's, French bistro dining at Dario's, Northern Italian fare at Avoli Osteria and the last stop on this tour de Dundee is Pitch, a coal-fire pizza joint owned by the one and only Willy Theisen.
I've been to Pitch a handful of times in the past. We spent a Mother's Day brunch there a few years ago and it's often played host to many friend's happy returns from outside of Omaha.

Pitch is often overshadowed by the more popular Dante's out West, but honestly, I prefer the coal fire pizza to the wood fire. The staff at Pitch is always incredibly friendly and while the noise level in the restaurant doesn't always make it the easiest to hold a conversation with your dining partner(s), their wine list and happy hour menu make up for these shortcomings.
Every Monday and Tuesday Pitch hosts a deal where $30 gets you a pizza and a bottle of wine (I somehow remember this deal only being $25 in the past though?). Stop here on Sunday and you can participate in some Sunday Funday activities with 1/2 priced bottles of wine all day. Each weeknight from 3 - 6 pm you can order from their Happy Hour menu which includes $5 off any pizza and $5 of any appetizers.
Speaking of appetizers, I've never made a trip to Pitch without ordering their meatballs as a starter. The sauce is perfection and the meatballs are incredibly tender and always piping hot.

Pitch also has a weekly special pizza which offers a new and interesting take on their menu staples. Thyme cream base? Gorgonzola? Carmelized onion? YES PLEASE.

Now I know I've spent the majority of this post talking about Pitch's pizza, but they also have an amazing salad, pasta and chef's favorites menu which includes more high-end items like surf & turf, pork chop, duck and lobster.
The night of my most recent visit, my father ordered the VIP smoked cheddar mac & cheese which comes with shrimp. Holy god this dish was absolutely delicious. The smoked cheeses were to die for and the only thing that surprised me here was how tiny the macaroni noodles were. I think I would have to try it with larger noodles like rotini or shells to see if that actually made a difference.

My mom and I almost always share the Mia pizza, which happens to also be Willy's favorite (as noted on the menu). Sweet tomato sauce, spicy fennel sausage, thick cuts of pepperoni and globs of fresh mozzerella make for one amazing pizza.

On my last visit our waiter mentioned dessert and my father's eyes lit up. There's homemade dessert to be had you say?? Once "chocoloate mousse" came out of the server's mouth, it was a done deal.  The flourless dessert was paired with a sweet and tangy raspberry sauce, which is probably my favorite sweet combo ever. I could eat dark chocolate and raspberries all day, every day.

Don't you love how my dad's fork and spoon are visible in a few of these photos? I'm always kind of embarrassed taking pictures of food, and when my dad's around I have to be particularly quick and stealth-like because he waits for no one - and people wonder why I'm so impatient.

So if you're looking for a casual place to hang out with some friends over pizza and a couple bottles of wine - Pitch is your place. Like I said at the beginning of this post, be sure to pop back to the blog as we plan on continuing our Tour de Dundee until we can't button up our pants anymore (and then we'll just start wearing leggings out to eat).

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