Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Quest to Find a Signature Drink

Kessler and Diet Coke.

This has consistently been our drink order since college - or rather some variation of "gimme a whiskey diet please". Friends have often gifted me Kessler and Diet Coke for my birthdays, holidays, and I even  made myself a Kessler bottle costume for Halloween recently.

It started with my friend Jordan. She was the first to introduce me to whiskey with a bottle of Old Crow (I would not encourage you to try this whiskey) and from that entire summer on, I would officially proclaim myself a whiskey person.

Now, in our later 20's, we figured it was time to refine our tastes a little bit.

In recent years, my acid reflux has continued to worsen. Mostly it's just uncomfortable (ask any of my friends how epic my burping is), but manageable through diet. Of course, it means giving up some of the foods I love like garlic, onions, tomatoes, juices, etc. In doing some research, I found that bitters is recommended to help digestive issues. In an attempt to get away from soda and improving my overall health (without giving up alcohol entirely), it was time for me to find a new signature drink.

I enjoy most bourbons - and even some ryes - but Bulleit seems to have the best taste for it's buck. At around $27 you can pick up a bottle of this smooth whiskey. Personally, I pour probably two ounces of bourbon in a glass, add ice, then water, and then two or three dashes of bitters. As a garnish I enjoy a lemon or an orange, but again, with my acid reflux, anymore I tend to stay away from fruits.

Next up on my docket? Trying my hand at making my own bitters at home.

While I'm sticking to my whiskey guns, Kerry's been going back to an old classic - vodka tonic.

She was gifted this very nice bottle of vodka recently and finally decided to crack into it with some tonic water and an orange garnish.

I think what we've both found now that we're getting away from cheap liquors, sodas and other headache inducing alcohols is that we drink less, experience a more coherent/clear time drinking (I know, I know, this is an oxymoron), and we feel much better in the morning.

Using soda as a mixer is easy. It coats the cheap liquor with sugar, but then you find yourself wide awake at 5 o'clock in the morning from the caffeine too. Investing in nicer liquors and using non-sodas as mixers is our new drinking goal - because we all have our priorities, right?

So, so long Sir Julius Kessler. We had some really wonderful times together, and maybe we could have had more, but it's time to move on. Thanks for treating me pretty well for the most part and I won't soon be forgetting you. 

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