Friday, February 7, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

Happy chilly weekend y'all! Ugh, we're so over these sub-zero temps but that won't stop us from partying this weekend #partyonwayne. It's a celebratory weekend as Meghan just got a big-girl-job-promotion this week. Huzza! Whisky for everybody!
We hope you find yourself out celebrating something, or nothing this weekend. However, if you don't want to brave the cold then we recommend staying home, wrapping yourself in multiple blankets and binge-watching one of your favorite shows. Take advantage of these types of weekends to do nothing because come warmer weather, you'll be glad you took some time to yourself. So as the work week winds down, WO + SF and gang are wound up for the weekened!

FRIDAY February 7
  • January just came and went so fast that it's time for another Benson First Friday! Head to Benson for drink specials, art, and music. We definitely recommend going to Sweatshop for the screen print show.
  • Head downtown to Kaneko for the opening reception for their newest show, "no strangers: ancient wisdom in a modern world". The show features beautiful photos of indigenous cultures. 
  • Immerse yourself in Indian culture at House of Loom with their Diwali Bollywood Bash. Basically this reminds of me the Diwali episode of The Office, and I can only hope this party is just as good.
SATURDAY February 8
  •  In case you didn't know, the Olympics just started!!! USA! USA! USA! I love the Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics, where you get to watch all kinds of crazy sports. Go to your favorite bar or friend's house for an Olympic watching party and obnoxiously cheer on our country.
  • Listen to music from some of the most well-known movies at the lovely Holland Center. The Omaha Symphony will be playing music from Oscar-winning films.
  • There's a 50% chance we'll be getting more snow so instead of grumbling, make a snow-day out of it! Get "snowed in" with some friends and make meals, play games, through snow balls, etc. 
SUNDAY February 9
  •  I usually go to my parent's house for a nice Sunday meal. Maybe this week we will make Russian food in honor of the Olympics? And drink vodka, of course! (Sorry for racially-profiling.)
Bebop is always so polite by asking before he can jump up on my bed #politepup

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