Thursday, March 13, 2014

Operation Hot Springs

Last Sunday I posted the following Facebook Status Update:
And so Operation Hot Springs commenced.
Krug Park was the first of many stops on this mission. With one of the best patios in town, the afternoon started with these delicious Son of Gingivere's followed by Bulleit bourbons and vodka tonics. Seriously y'all, it got HOT on that patio and it felt increditble! It felt like we were in a different city or something, like I was on vacation. My skin drank in all of the vitamin D while I hoped to spout a few new freckles (and not a sunburn).

One of the reasons I picked Krug for this innagural patio session was because of Baxter's. With delivery options to Benson's bars, there's literally no reason you shouldn't enjoy a slice and some tots everytime you visit the area.

Next it was off to scour some of Benson's second-hand treasures. Unfortunately for us, Benson's main drag often acts a small town where shops close around 6. We were able to mosey into Benson Bazaar where I may soon return to purchase this amazing land camera.

My comrade for the day bought this amazing Tom Selleck "unauthorized biography" at the Bazaar which was very giggle inducing for us throughout the rest of the night, which continued on a Jake's.

Obviously, our mission was a success. I can only hope that there are many more Sundays like this past one in my future. Benson, you never disappoint when it comes to enjoying day-drinking and patios.

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