Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Whoops. We accidentally took a few days off there. What can we say, the weather was just so beautiful on Monday we spent the entire day (well other than when we were at work) outside and then yesterday we were depressed by how bipolar the weather had become. Alas, we have overcome our emotional weather-journey and arrived back today to do a little back-tracking. Here are some internet links to help ease you out of your hump-day slump.
  • SXSW is officially here and while we not basking in the Austin sun, we can vicariously pretend we're there through SXSW's Instagram account. Another good resource for SXSW news is NPR's All Songs Considered. Listen to their concert preview here and be sure to stream/download their Austin 100 playlist. If you want a different prespective, Free People also posted their preview and playlist as well!
  • If you're not doing anything tonight, stop by The Sydney for karaoke hosted by our personal karaoke queen, Caitlin Little.
  • Someone get these in my mouth immediately.
  • Ginger over on The Coop asks the really important questions - To Harem, or Not to Harem?
  • This is easily one of the most romantic things I've ever read. I hope to feel this way about someone one day.
  • It's probably not in my best interest health-wise to make an entire meal out of these, though I totally would.
  • I'm loving this easy, breezy outfit for spring. I can't wait to break out my dresses, skirts and most importantly, bare legs!!
  • I must be really hungry while I'm writing this because I want to make this soup immediately too!
  • One of my goals for spring is to do more with my hair in the morning. Which to me, means finding more up-dos that I can quickly accomplish without a lot of effort (geez, am I lazy or what). Methinks it's time to master the fishtail braid. What's on your spring goal list?
Kerry and I enjoyed a movie night last weekend with Dallas Buyers Club and ate pizza while these jerks begged for some cheeeeeese. 

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