Monday, March 17, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Oh St. Patrick's day. Or as we would put it Amateur Hour. I don't think anyone can explain why this holiday is important, and you're talking to two women who love to drink whiskey and wear green. If you're partaking in the festivities, remember to be safe and make good choices! So while some of you may be off drinking green beer all day in a kilt, we're at work, distracting ourselves with internet links like the below...
  • If you're like us you'll want to do the anti-St. Patrick's day thing and head to O'Leaver's for Escape from St. Patrick's Day where they're having a bunch of yummy drink specials. 
  • If by 8 pm on Tuesday you've recuperated from your hangover, or need some more beer and loud music to even you out, there's a great show at Sweatshop in Benson - Worried Mothers and Plack Blague play an early show starting at 8!
  • SXSW might officially be done, but check out our cool friends who were down there for some serious biz!
  • Speaking of cool friends, check out this profile from The Coop on local Benson art institution, Kim Reid Kuhn. 
  • Um, this emoji version of Beyonce's Drunk in Love is absolute perfection. 
  • Yes to all of these
  • I don't want to toot my own horn here, but when I read this, it explained a lot about how I do things. 
  • This DIY scrub looks amazing! 
  • YUM!!
  • I'm loving everything about this outfit right now. 

I woke up like this

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