Monday, March 24, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Well, at least it didn't snow last night, right? It's still not particularly nice outside, and lately I've been hit with this creativity spurt and this cold weather is really harshing my productive buzz. 

Transitioning into single life means I have more time on my hands to myself, and for the first time in months, I'm really starting to revel in it. I'm finding that I'm more imaginative, I have more story ideas again, I want to photograph everything (I even started carrying around a disposable camera because why not?), and I'm actually feeling more organized. Being able to take time to focus on just me and my interests is such a blessing and something I didn't know how to appreciate for a while. So take that world! 

Each Sunday, I read my weekly horoscope in an attempt to mentally prepare myself for the week. It's the closest thing I've come to faith and so far it works for me. I'm someone who likes to anticipate things or influence the outcome of an inevitable event. This week looks pretty exciting with some work successes and a positive shift in one of my close relationships. If you're looking to ease yourself into this work week, then may I suggest you peruse some of the internet links below? 
  • Son, Ambulance is playing a show tonight over at Pageturner's. Be sure to get there early as this one is bound to fill up quickly. 
  • I don't know how anyone can list off this many questions (or answer them) that quickly, but here's just one more reason we love SJP to add to the already very looooong list. Also, how amazing is her home?!
  • While I have no clue what this guy is saying, these pups' reactions to a treat "disappearing" is pretty GD adorable. 
  • Lately, I've been scooping up Living Social deals and I can't decide whether or not I should invest in this one as well. Thoughts? 
  • If you're like us, Google is your best friend. Here are a few genius tips to help you make the most of your searching experience! 
  • Ok, so I might loath the term "momaha" but I will take their word for it when they say that both Omaha and Lincoln are top rated for women professionals! 
  • I wish I could travel the world, meet these women and take portraits like this
  • This getaway is quite appealing to me at this moment. 
  • Someone buy me this purse please! 
  • Remember our recent post about adding more plant life to our homes? Well I think this DIY might need to be next on our home improvement list!
I saw The Grand Budapest Hotel this past weekend and it was odd, action-packed, and overall amazing -  would you expect anything less from Wes Anderson? Ralph Fiennes definitely steals the show and if you want to catch it in Omaha, here are some showtimes

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