Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If You Don't Have Plans Tonight...

Celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls currently streaming on Netflix

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine...

This past Sunday was one of those perfect rainy spring days. So I took advantage and drove up to Joslyn Castle to walk around and take in all of the blooming trees.

And because I just can't help myself with the reflection shots...

Oh, and I had to stop by my favorite house in Omaha as well...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Well, looks like we're about to get hit with those April Showers the old adage promised. And the timing is nothing short of appropriate considering May is just around the corner. Can you believe that? MAY. So this week we recommend you open up your windows and take a walk around your neighborhood to  take in the blossoming trees because they'll be gone before you know it. 

Anyways, if you're lagging this Monday, here are some internet links to help you ease into the work week - 
  • In this week's musical happenings, it's all about The Waiting Room. Tonight is The Black Lips starting at 9 for $13 and tomorrow Angel Olsen comes to town for only $10 - see you there!
  • Goddamnit Emma Stone, could you be more adorable?!
  • We take that back, Sarah is the most adorable.
  • Oh my god, this interview with Robyn Lively about Teen Witch is amazing. I'm always so glad to hear that people have a good sense of humor, or embrace it, when one of their projects hits a cult status. 
  • This book, Seven Sisters Style has been on my Amazon wish list since it came out. Even though I tend to lean toward a rock n' roll/punk influences when it comes to my personal style, there's also something about the preppy look that really speaks to me (I'll always love a good button down shirt) so of course I'm totally in love with this slideshow
  • Oh my god, I'm in love with this idea of doing a weekly record and cocktail night. Ugh, what I wouldn't give to still have access to a really nice record player and a bunch of great records. Oh well, live moves on and I can always buy myself a record player and more records.
  • Speaking of which, I might need to marathon these movies this week...
  • I'm currently in love with this look from Natalie. I've been having a real moment with jackets lately, probably due to the recent spike of warm weather we've finally seen in the midwest. Oh, and maybe because my cheap leather jacket from Forever 21 was stolen when my car was broken into in Benson last weekend. Yeah, that was real cool. 
  • Reading this review of Shirley Jackson's "We Have Always Live in the Castle" is a great reminder of how much I loved this book and how much I need to stop turning on Netflix and/or Spotify when I get home and start reading and writing instead. 
  • Speaking of which.
  • Illustrations of Missed Connections? Yes please. 
This past Friday, my happy hour got a lot more adorable when I met up with Kate and Polly Outlaw down at O'Leaver's

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Jams #2.17

I'm just dropping in real quick to leave y'all a couple of songs for your Saturday and then I'm out because it's beautiful outside! Get out there!

The Misfits - "Where Eagles Dare"
I've been on a big Misfits kick this week. Seriously, if you're having issues focusing on a task, my recommendation is to always put on something with a fast, thumping beat and catchy lyrics. Which this song meets both of those criteria.

Felt Letters - "600,000 Bands"
I first listened to this song while reading this article and I honestly think the explanation given there is much better than anything I could write here. Preach on brother!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

Boy that week was a long one. Am I right? Hopefully you all had wonderful work weeks and, with our help, have even better weekends! As the work week winds down WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY April 25
  • How many times have you been tango dancing in your life!? Me, never, and I assume the same of a lot of you. Well you can change that tonight at House of Loom where you can learn or just watch some tango-ing. 
  • Simon Joyner and the Ghosts kick off their tour at O'Leaver's with The Subtropics.
  • Our friend is the manager of the Pig & Finch in Kansas City, and another location just opened in Omaha! Delicious farm-to-table food and craft beer and cocktails is the fare you'll find here. Check it out!
SUNDAY April 27
  • Looks like some thunder storms might be hitting town today so it would be a great day to curl up with a new book, or watch some Netflix. We highly suggest Small Town Security, of which season 2 was just put up on Netflix recently!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome to Earf Day

Elmwood Park plays host to an Earth Day celebration each year, and for the first time ever, I joined in on the festivities. It was a beautiful day to walk around the park and visit lots of local conservation and non-profit efforts. There were tons of doggies and minimal hula hooping, so all in all, it was a pretty great day.

Did you know that the Omaha Public Library doesn't just loan out books? They also loan out seeds! What?! How cool is that??

The story here is that we are OBSESSED with this dude. He shows up at every public event when it gets warm outside especially if there's a band playing. He loves to dance. He's wearing a kilt. He's been known to wear mesh tank tops. We've often seen him dance with older women, one in particular. We assume it's his mother. And yes, that's a three legged dog with him. He's truly an Omaha treasure. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Are you guys still fighting your Easter hangovers (regardless if they are of the food and/or booze related variety)? Yeah, we are too. After making a few dishes for my family's Easter festivities and some basil pesto, (because hey I was already cooking, might as well, right?) my fridge is filled to the brim. This week I'm going to slowly but surely attempt to eat everything out of there while it's still fresh. Is that sad that that's my main plan for the week? Well there's that and a few awesome shows going on as well. Good food and good music, could life get any better than that?
  • Go to this show tonight. Don't ask questions. Just trust me. 
  • I found the hardcore scene toward the tail end of it in 2003 or so, but after reading this article it feels like it was just yesterday I was sweating in the basement of Fort House ducking as yet another Old Style Light got flung into the crowd. Also, indoor fireworks - always a good idea.  
  • Bill Cunningham is one of my favorite photographers because he captures the authenticity and realness of people's everyday lives and the energy of New York. Check out these photos of his from 1968 to 1976. 
  • I've never wanted to have a daughter so badly in my life before seeing this adorable photo series of Harper and Lola. 
  • I know I haven't talked about it much here, but over the last few year's I've really been trying to hone in on my graphic design skills by learning more about typography and logos. I love Saul Bass (duh, because I'm such a Hitchcock fan) and I've even created a few of my own fonts using an app on my iPad. After seeing all of these amazing labels found on a variety of vintage pottery and china, I think I might need to bust out my moleskin more and play around with hand drawn designs and fonts. 
  • YOU GUYS - Should my house-warming party also be a donut party?!?!
  • Someone please buy me this shirt, I really want to promote my CCR solidarity. 
  • These are mostly awful, but kind of true.
  • My next DIY project might have to be making this faux flower centerpiece. 
  • Methinks Kerry and I may need to make these for one of our weekly Wednesday night hang sesh's. 
  • Oh ma god, get this in my mouth now. 
My mom and I went to Jones Bros last week and these macaroons where very difficult to say no to. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday Jams #2.16

I thought I'd dedicate our weekly jams post to some Nirvana covers, since the band has recently been trending with their induction into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Recently, a few friends and I were talking about whether "kids these days" are even familiar with Nirvana. When you think about it, "oldies" music could be considered anything that's 20 years old or more, so kids might only be aware of Nirvana in an "oldies" arena. Isn't that weird?! Maybe I shouldn't over generalize. I mean I don't talk to a lot of high school aged youths, maybe they're more "with it" than I think.

Manic Street Preachers - "Been a Son"

Jay Reatard - "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle"

Animal Collective - "On A Plain"

Caetano Veloso - "Come As You Are"

The Bad Plus - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

The Bad Plus - "Lithium"

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

Happy Zombie Jesus Day + 4/20! We hope all of you are able to celebrate whichever holiday you so choose with your loved ones on Sunday! As for the rest of the weekend, we have plenty of suggestions if you're looking for something to do! As the work week winds down, WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY April 18
  • If you feel like dancin' House of Loom once again does not disappoint with their all vinyl DJ sets tonight!
  • It's Record Store Day! Support your local record stores by adding to your collection!
  • Tokyo Police Club are playing at The Slowdown.
SUNDAY April 20
  •  It's Easter so you all likely have plans. We know we will be eating some delicious meals with our families. Much love to you and yours, even if you don't really believe in the holiday, any excuse to spend time with loved ones is a good one!

SUNDAY April 20

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attack of the VW Spider

Once I finished exploring Macedonia, I still had some time on my hands, so as I sat in the Macedonia cemetery, I downloaded the Roadside America app to see if there was anything near me worth driving to. Real respectful of me, huh? Well, it turns out, there was

30 minutes north of me in Avoca, Iowa a VW Spider was to be seen. On my way up there, I ended up driving through the beautifully quaint town of Oakland where I spotted this large downtown scene. Doesn't it remind you of something out of a spaghetti western or something?

So the directions to the actual VW Spider were a little confusing, mostly because I wasn't expecting it to be located like 15 feet from a house. Man, the people who live there must get a real kick out of seeing nerds like me coming up there to take selfies in front of it. 

I am kind of in love with this Roadside America app now. I also have a feeling that more spontaneous road trips will be happening this summer and I can't wait for more adventures out on the open road! 

Small in Size, Large in Heart

A few weeks ago, I got this wild hair to travel southeast to the town of Macedonia, IA in hopes of learning more about my ancestry. My mother's mother was born and raised in Macedonia. Her father  - William - was the pharmacist in town and died at the age of 51 when he was struck by lightening. 

Yeah dudes, he was struck by lightening. 

According to his obituary, he lived in Macedonia all of his life and was widely known in the area as a musician, "ready to assist in all musical activities" to be specific. I think once you've found that you have creative tendencies, you start to look for other members in your family who share these same characteristics. Maybe it's due to the fact that creativity isn't always valued in our society or that it lacks a certain respect or garners less appreciation. I know in my personal experience, I'm a bit of an outsider in my own immediate family due to that fact that I'm the only one who doesn't work in a numbers or financial related field. I suppose I hoped that by further researching my history, I could shed a new light on how I identified myself. That I could gain a better understanding as to why I have certain talents or a propensity to do things a certain way.

My great grandmother, Laura Iowa, also born in Macedonia, married William at the age of 28. Just two years before  that, in 1904, she graduated from the University of Iowa, making her a part of a small group of women (less than 6,000 country-wide) who completed some form of higher education. She lived to be 94 years old and spent all but 8 years in Macedonia as a teacher and community leader. According to her obituary, she would be remembered by the town for her "keen mind, ready wit, and the wisdom of her counseling." For so long, I had always identified myself with my father's side of the family, mostly because pretty much everyone tells us we're exactly alike. And while this is mostly true, that line about how Laura would be remembered makes me inclined to think that maybe I was wrong. Maybe I have my mother to thank for my creative leanings.

The above information is what I set out on the road with. By the end of my afternoon, I hoped to visit the family gravesides and possibly William and Laura's farm, as well as see if the Macedonia Historical Society could help me find any more information on these two. Unfortunately for me, the town was pretty much all shut down on that Saturday with the exception of the local diner/bar.

While I was definitely bummed out that I didn't get to speak with anyone directly regarding their past presence, it was still really lovely to visit the town and the cemetery where the majority of the family now resides. Gaining a better understanding of my identity through my family's history is something that is important to me. I'll definitely return to Macedonia in the future, this time with an appointment to visit the historical society and library, to see if there's anything else I can learn about William, Laura, and the rest of my grandmother's family. 

Below are William and Laura's headstones. As you can see, there were members of the freemasonry, specifically the Order of the Eastern Star where Laura was eventually elected a Worthy Matron and served as the chapter's secretary.

And while I was at the cemetery, there were some other interesting headstones that I just had to snap a few pictures of….