Friday, April 11, 2014

And I Shall Christen Ye Patio With Meats and Cheeses

This past Wednesday the weather here in the midwest finally allowed for us to christen the beautiful patio at Kerry's house which has been waiting idly and patiently for some good old fashioned hang time.
As you'll see in the photos below, our plans for a small, snack-like meal turned into a full blown feast.

^^I picked up some sharp cheddard, stilton with apricot and roasted red pepper cheeses along with some hard salami^^

^^Kerry made this whipped feta dip which is incredibly easy to make and incredibly delicious^^

^^The dogs clearly enjoyed being outside (Ollie especially)^^

^^See what I mean by a feast?! And yes, we made a pretty big dent in all of this by the end of the night, as well as drinking two bottles of wine. What can we say? We love this weather!^^

^^This doofus didn't even need to consume the meats and cheeses to taste the deliciousness^^

^^Then the sun set. Our sunsets here recently have been particularly beautiful. Just one of the many reasons we love living in the midwest^^

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