Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attack of the VW Spider

Once I finished exploring Macedonia, I still had some time on my hands, so as I sat in the Macedonia cemetery, I downloaded the Roadside America app to see if there was anything near me worth driving to. Real respectful of me, huh? Well, it turns out, there was

30 minutes north of me in Avoca, Iowa a VW Spider was to be seen. On my way up there, I ended up driving through the beautifully quaint town of Oakland where I spotted this large downtown scene. Doesn't it remind you of something out of a spaghetti western or something?

So the directions to the actual VW Spider were a little confusing, mostly because I wasn't expecting it to be located like 15 feet from a house. Man, the people who live there must get a real kick out of seeing nerds like me coming up there to take selfies in front of it. 

I am kind of in love with this Roadside America app now. I also have a feeling that more spontaneous road trips will be happening this summer and I can't wait for more adventures out on the open road! 

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