Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lately, Around the House (Or Apartment Rather)

After living in my apartment for 4 months, I finally have a  couch to rest these tired bones on. One of the charms of always renting "older" homes is the fact that your door frames and hallways tend to be on the smaller, non-standard side. My previous couch bit the dust after multiple attempts by multiple parties figured out it wouldn't fit up my staircase. While these types of unforeseen costs are never ideal, I couldn't be happier with the way my new little home is coming together. Here's a peek around my digs...

After seeing this DIY project I knew I had to pimp out my own washer and dryer (especially because it's out in the open in my bathroom). With some time and some washi tape, here's what I ended up with, not bad, huh?

Oh and my absolute favorite recent addition to my home is this black and white flag I snagged from Urban Outfitters. 

Instead of turning on all of the overhead lighting in my apartment, I tend to opt for these "twinkle" lights I've hung around my bedroom and my living room. I love the softer light and I like to think it helps with my energy bill too!

There are definitely a few more projects I have on my to-do list, but who doesn't? Sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed with house plans, but stopping to enjoy the home you've created yourself is such a reward. 

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