Thursday, April 3, 2014

Scouring & Devouring Omaha: Great Harvest Bread

You may have noticed, we've got a little theme going on here with our last few Scouring & Devouring posts. Since moving to the neighborhood, we can't help but be a little bias toward all of the wonderful places to eat and hang out at in Dundee.

I'm not going to lie, before moving to the neighborhood, I was that person who would put on a fake British accent and be all, "Ooooh, Dundeeeee, you think you're sooooo wonderful". Sarcasm and Maggie Smith impression aside, Dundee is pretty fucking great.  So great in fact, I just had to curse to get my point across (like I need an excuse).

Rewind back to around 2008. We were both in college in Lincoln but returned back to Omaha during the weekends for the occassional show or party. A few of our friends occupied what we all referred to as "The Bread House". What is"The Bread House" you ask? A magical place where Great Harvest houses its Dundee location.

This was the house where I quietly drank champagne and listened to the members of Do Make Say Think talk about their day jobs and health care packages up in Canada - they came to The Bread House after a show in Benson since our friend Josh offered to let them use his shower. It's where we grilled tons of meat out back and played yard games until the sun went down and the bonfire started. It's where I got my first true taste of how magical Dundee is.

Of course my love of bread and sandwiches makes Great Harvest in Dundee an instant favorite of mine.

This Dundee location has a little bit of everything. There's the bread of course, but there's also a variety of preserves, desserts, whipped butter (my personal recommendation) AND DOG TREATS!!

Seriously, chocolate cherry cream cheese brownies. Need I say more?

OH AND THE SANDWICHES!! The day I figured out Great Harvest served sandwiches was the single greatest day of my life. Seriously, their veggie sammie is to die for. 

And of course I just had to take home their cheddar and jalapeño sourdough loaf, because duh.

Need anymore convincing to go to Great Harvest Bread? I have two words for you - FREE SLICES.

Before I sign off here I do have a quick embarrassing story for y'all. A few months ago, when there was all that construction going on up in Dundee I stopped by Great Harvest for a loaf of bread. I was enjoying probably the fifth bite of my free slice in my car with my window rolled down when I heard a, "Excuse me, are you leaving soon?". I turned my head, mouth full of bread and there was this guy in his car patiently waiting for my spot, and I was too involved in my free slice to even notice. Can you imagine how long he was sitting there waiting for me to leave and instead having to sit there and watch me stuff my face? THAT is the power of the free slice my friends.

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