Monday, April 14, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Oh Monday, you sneaky bastard, once again you've arrived too soon. While the weather has taken a bit of a nose dive, don't fret, warmer weather will return shortly. I was taken by surprise last Friday because my dad went and had my bike tuned up for me without my knowledge. This spring and summer I really want to get back into riding my bike, especially since I now live in a much more bike-friendly community here in Dundee. I used to ride my bike everywhere in Lincoln - to school, work, and O Street - and I really miss it (also my waistline and thighs miss the activity too). Now I just have to figure out where to store my bike when I'm not riding it. Man, I miss having a garage.

Anyhoodle, if you're in the same boat as me, meaning you're dreading the return to work today, here are some internet links to make things a little better.  
  • Rad events going on this week - go see Circle Takes the Square this Tuesday at The Slowdown, then on Wednesday pick yourself up from the mid-week hump with pop duo Mates of State at The Waiting Room, and finally head to O'Leaver's on Thursday to find out who will be playing the Maha Music fest this year. 
  • These photos of drag queens from the midwest in the 1960's are incredible! Stories like this make me want to go scour all of our thrift stores in hopes of finding a gem like this. 
  • We were already excited for the return of Omaha's various farmer's markets, but this has set us over the edge. May 4th can't come soon enough! 
  • I think every woman can relate to this on some level (probably not the part about traipsing around Europe with our families though). 
  • Witches from 1964 anyone? 
  • Aren't these DIY Instagram stickers adorable?!
  • Answering the age old question - Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?
  • The title alone warrants a click through - "Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Miranda Hobbes"
  • Well these are just neat. 
  • So many adorable doggies!! 
A friendly reminder to fill your home with flowers and that there's more than sorrow to be found at the bottom of a bottle. 

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