Monday, April 21, 2014

Web Wilderness / Branching Out

Are you guys still fighting your Easter hangovers (regardless if they are of the food and/or booze related variety)? Yeah, we are too. After making a few dishes for my family's Easter festivities and some basil pesto, (because hey I was already cooking, might as well, right?) my fridge is filled to the brim. This week I'm going to slowly but surely attempt to eat everything out of there while it's still fresh. Is that sad that that's my main plan for the week? Well there's that and a few awesome shows going on as well. Good food and good music, could life get any better than that?
  • Go to this show tonight. Don't ask questions. Just trust me. 
  • I found the hardcore scene toward the tail end of it in 2003 or so, but after reading this article it feels like it was just yesterday I was sweating in the basement of Fort House ducking as yet another Old Style Light got flung into the crowd. Also, indoor fireworks - always a good idea.  
  • Bill Cunningham is one of my favorite photographers because he captures the authenticity and realness of people's everyday lives and the energy of New York. Check out these photos of his from 1968 to 1976. 
  • I've never wanted to have a daughter so badly in my life before seeing this adorable photo series of Harper and Lola. 
  • I know I haven't talked about it much here, but over the last few year's I've really been trying to hone in on my graphic design skills by learning more about typography and logos. I love Saul Bass (duh, because I'm such a Hitchcock fan) and I've even created a few of my own fonts using an app on my iPad. After seeing all of these amazing labels found on a variety of vintage pottery and china, I think I might need to bust out my moleskin more and play around with hand drawn designs and fonts. 
  • YOU GUYS - Should my house-warming party also be a donut party?!?!
  • Someone please buy me this shirt, I really want to promote my CCR solidarity. 
  • These are mostly awful, but kind of true.
  • My next DIY project might have to be making this faux flower centerpiece. 
  • Methinks Kerry and I may need to make these for one of our weekly Wednesday night hang sesh's. 
  • Oh ma god, get this in my mouth now. 
My mom and I went to Jones Bros last week and these macaroons where very difficult to say no to. 

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