Friday, April 25, 2014

Wind Down / Wound Up

Boy that week was a long one. Am I right? Hopefully you all had wonderful work weeks and, with our help, have even better weekends! As the work week winds down WO+SF and crew are getting wound up for the weekend!

FRIDAY April 25
  • How many times have you been tango dancing in your life!? Me, never, and I assume the same of a lot of you. Well you can change that tonight at House of Loom where you can learn or just watch some tango-ing. 
  • Simon Joyner and the Ghosts kick off their tour at O'Leaver's with The Subtropics.
  • Our friend is the manager of the Pig & Finch in Kansas City, and another location just opened in Omaha! Delicious farm-to-table food and craft beer and cocktails is the fare you'll find here. Check it out!
SUNDAY April 27
  • Looks like some thunder storms might be hitting town today so it would be a great day to curl up with a new book, or watch some Netflix. We highly suggest Small Town Security, of which season 2 was just put up on Netflix recently!

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  1. I know, TGIF, right?! Seriously! I can't WAIT to see under the skin! it looks so awesome! Scarlet Johansson-I-don't-know-how-to-spell-her-last-name is such a badass. Thanks for the links :) Off to check 'em out!