Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brownie Surprise

A few months ago, my mama and I took a cooking class that started off with a dessert with a secret ingredient. And that secret ingredient, my friends, is a legal one - and it's black beans. YUP. That's not a typo. BLACK BEANS. I'll break here for impact and for you to catch your breath and/or pick yourself up off of the floor.

So this is literally the easiest little tip, but if you want to freak out your friends and family, use any boxed brownie mix and replace the oil and eggs with a can of black beans (which also makes this recipe vegan friendly!). 

Rinse and puree a 15 oz of black beans with some water in a food processor. I usually fill about half of the black bean can back up with water to throw in, but if you need more water once you start your puree, go ahead and add it. If your food processor is big enough, you can even add the brownie mix directly in the mixer, otherwise in a medium bowl add the black bean puree to the boxed brownie mix. 

One other little tip for this recipe - undercook the brownies a hair. This will make them even more fudge-y tasting. While the middle might seem goopy, remember, there are no eggs in this mix, so even if it is a little undercooked, it won't give you a tummy ache. 

^^Seriously, don't they look like just normal brownies? YOU'D NEVER KNOW!^^

I love this recipe so much I've literally made it like 3 times in the past three weeks. It's SO EASY and always a crowd pleaser. I've tried it with a few different boxed mixes and so far have not been disappointed with any. 

It's always our recommendation that you pair brownies with some ice cream or make a brownie sundae (Seriously, brownie, ice cream, chocolate syrup, roasted peanuts. You can't go wrong with it). Go ahead and Treat Yo' Self!

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