Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Game On!

Kerry and I never need much of an excuse to invite our friends over for food, drink and some all around tomfoolery. When our dear six foot six friend Mungin (first name Chris, but none of us ever call him that) returned from nearly a year's stay in South Korea, a small get together was definitely needed. Chris is the type of person who naturally commands a room due to his height and booming voice, but he's also a sweet and snuggley teddy bear - just don't tell him we told you that.
We all gathered at Kerry's house on one of the first warm Friday evenings of the season. Lucky for us, Chris insisted on making a ton of delicious food which included taco supplies and homemade chipotle sauce, pico de gallo, tabbouli, and apple cinnamon cheesecake bites. I attempted to make a keylime mousse which didn't turn out too well (hence why it's missing from the photos below) while Kerry stocked the party with some always crowd pleasing items from Costco. Have we mentioned here before that Costco is pretty much our heaven?

^^Tabbouli is a quinoa salad which is tart, and a little sour due to the parsley and lemon juice. Chris was nice enough to let us each take some home as leftovers and the wonderful thing about this dish is that it gets even more delicious the longer it sits in its juices^^

^^Pico de gallo is always a personal favorite of mine. It's light, it's fresh and perfect as either a taco topping or on its own with some chips. My acid reflux hates how much I love pico de gallo, but to me, a little heartburn is worth the deliciousness^^

^^This photo doesn't do this meat justice (there's a sentence I never thought I'd type). It was perfectly spciy and tender. Part of me wants to know what Chris's secret is, but part of me just wants to this it's his own, personal magic^^

We started out the night with a game of Jenga. For being a few drinks in, Kerry and I were both pleasantly surprised neither of us caused the tower to collapse. Later, we moved on to play Cards Against Humanity which is probably our group's game of choice right now. Kerry has the extension pack which is definitely worth the investment if you play the game often. Especially considering our game lasted for the better part of 4 hours.
Our party dispersed around 2:30 am when everyone figured out what time it was. That's the thing about getting older, you don't quite bounce back the same from these late nights as you once did before. Either way, it was a really lovely way to welcome back our friend Chris, and here's hoping it's not the last time we all gather on Kerry's patio for some adult game night fun.

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