Thursday, May 1, 2014

Live Every Day Like It's a Pizza Party

While Andrew W.K. has likely uttered this advice before, in our personal opinion, you should live every day like it's a pizza party.
And it's a pretty easy life goal to achieve thanks to Trader Joe's pre-made pizza dough which you can tyipcally find back in their refridgerated (but not frozen) foods area. Sure, you can make your own pizza dough, but the truth is, after a long day at work, is there anything that sounds more relaxing than whipping up a quick homemade pizza and vegging out in front of some Netflix for awhile? Yeah, we didn't think so. And clocking in at just under 20 minutes from start to finish, why wouldn't you choose homemade over ordering a greasy pizza from one of the chains, or worse, cooking frozen pizza?

After recently making a boatload of basil pesto, I knew a delicious pizza was in the near future. I kept this one simple with just some roma tomatoes, the pesto and some light Italian cheeses. The results? Delicious.

And here's the finished product. I'm not super great at rolling out the dough (I think it's a patience thing). My crust tends to be a little thick but I personally like it that way because when I go to warm up the leftovers in the oven over the course of the next few days, the dough never gets burned. Waste not, want not, right?

So here's hoping you take one thing away from this post - Live Every Day Like It's a Pizza Party. Enjoy what you do, who you're with, and what you stick in your mouth, always. 

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